[Vehicle] G20 Vulcan-H Needs A Nerf !

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  1. stricken78

    Banshee literally sucks ***, I'd rather use the M18 rotary. The NC have their own rotary which deals by far greater damage and is crazy insane at point black range. Oh...would you look at that...it's easily the most powerful ESF nose gun in Planetside by far. I hardly see anyone use it, most just use the standard mustang with the blast size of texas and can literally **** on anything. Everything else you put with exception to the 120 AP and Vulcan deals ok-fair damage, Why you ask, because most of the TR weps being high rpm, clearly had to be balanced with the lowest dps. For example, I can greatly guarantee that if the Lynx's dps was raised up to 167, the gun would be easily considered op AF. The standard gauss saw is literally just a point, click, and hold down lmg with dps and velocity up the *** to help it. The whining in here about the vulcan would be like terrorists whining about the A10 and saying "that's not fair".
  2. stricken78

    Mercy also added to exception because we get two of them.
  3. Ziggurat8

    Lol. You're bad aren't you. It all makes sense now. You think TR have ****** weapons. I got news for ya. It ain't the weapons.
  4. ChUnKiFieR

    Great idea. Hadn't thought of that.
  5. stricken78

    Clearly you can’t read...again.....I never said I was great, however I’m not the one ******** on forums about every little weapon or class so perhaps you’re the one who’s bad. Of course chunk would agree with the idea of buffing the basilisk to be on par with Vulcan. He’d be back on here quickly whining that a day old TR noob killed him and to nerf TR basilisk.
  6. LordKrelas

    Did you just say the Gauss Saw is a Point & Click, that you hold-down?
    Have you actually used the Gauss Saw, at 500RPM, You don't full-auto that thing, You need to burst fire.
    It is not a "Hold down the Trigger, with the DPS & High Velocity"
    You full-auto a Gauss Saw past point-blank, and you just missed the entire building in-front of you, by the 3rd bullet.
    Which given 500 RPM, and 200 Damage per bullet, is not a high DPS - Gauss Saws are deadly for users managing 3 Head-Shots in a row, with their first 3 Bullets, not their DPS capability.

    A Banshee is an Anti-Infantry gun for the TR ESF, not an Anti-Air Rotary.
    NC's, is a Shotgun. Have you used any of the NC's Vehicle-based Shotguns?
    Pilots don't use their anti-Air nose-gun types on infantry or tanks that often, it's for killing Liberators & ESFs.

    TR is also not fielding the lowest DPS - Like not at all, have you seen your Default Sidearm?
    Like my gods, do you use any of the guns you talk about? Let alone for their intended role.
    TR is not sporting the lowest DPS.
    DPS is also not Damage-Per-Bullet, it's Damage-per-Second; 167 DPS, is not 167 Damage per Bullet.
    Lynx is what, 125 Damage per bullet? It certainly ain't at below 167DPS at that RPM & Damage per Bullet.

    TR fields the lowest Damage per Bullet, not DPS, with the highest RPM.
    VS is middle of the Road with Bullet Damage & RPM.
    NC does not have a high DPS either, it has the lowest RPM & highest Damage per bullet.
    A Gauss Saw, is not a weapon you Full-Auto, in the slightest - That's called How you miss every bullet.
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  7. ChUnKiFieR