[Vehicle] G20 Vulcan-H Needs A Nerf !

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  1. Money

    they aren't picking the Vulcan to use because it looks cool ffs! But my mother taught me to never argue with crazy people!
  2. MD_Geist

    She should've aborted you instead, but wellfare Money talks.
  3. Money

    Need I say more!
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  4. Peebuddy

    They're picking it because there isn't an alternative, if we have to go back to the halbert meta then something's seriously ****** for our faction.
  5. Blam320

    They're picking it because its objectively better than all the other options.
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  6. Campagne

    According to Dasanfall, the NC's most-used AV topgun is the Halberd. So, yeah.
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  7. Skraggz

    Didn't see anyone oppose bringing Gatekeeper up to par. Just because Gatekeeper is low on charts is not a reason to fix the imbalance others have pointed out from Vulcan. They Both could be fixed, however at the end of the day Vulcan is the obvious go to for reasons. Having a poor choice of weapons is not a reason to have the BEST weapon for the harasser
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  8. Demigan

    All weapons should be brought in line. The Vulcan is an obvious outlier that overperforms. The Gatekeeper is simply a bad concept that either overperforms (see its original conception) or is an excersice in frustration when you do the skillful thing of landing an entire salvo on infantry and dont get a kill despite how much more difficult it is compared to hitting with a single Halberd shot.
    That said, so should all topguns be looked at. Harassers are supposed to Harass, not beat up a 2/2 MBT on its own in a fight it can completely dictate while if the MBT (or other vehicle for that matter) "wins" then the Harasser will simply get out of range, repair up and reset the engagement until it wins. So Harassers need dialing down. The previous iteration that was buffed for no reason was good: 3 shots to kill if you hit everything, 4 shots if the Harasser uses Fire Suppression and 5 shots if you use Fire Suppression, backseat repairs and a solid time dodging. Not this system where it doesnt take a lot of skill or work to get a Harasser in combat to tank 7+ rounds ignoring all the shots that it dodges.
    The topguns have to reflect that too. No guns that basically delete a vehicle if you happen to get in the rear especially considering the TTK the tank needs to survive. And those topguns still need to be rewarding and fun.
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  9. ChUnKiFieR

  10. stricken78

  11. Johannes Kaiser

    An invalid URL as the reply to a bump is hilarious. :D
  12. stricken78

    It was up yesterday for a bit then it crapped up. It was this

  13. Ziggurat8

    Only TR who've never fought against the Vulcan think it's in a good place.

    Make an NC or VS. Play for a week, then come back and report how Vulcans are fine just the way they are.
  14. stricken78

    I have an NC character on Connery. It's a 20mm minigun ffs, maybe most of you forget the "AP" after it, like your tank's shells. The gun is only extremely effective point blank and even then it still takes an entire 90 rounds within 12 seconds to fully down for example a Vanguard full health, meanwhile with the titan's 850 dmg you can kill a harasser pretty fast. The gun isn't what chases you, it's the harasser. These nc fanboys crying about it cause "oh wow, I died to TR vulcan, it's super op and needs to be nerfed". Then these ******* jump in here posting voidwell links to prove their whine case and tell everyone it's the most used gun in game. Maybe grow some eyes in the back of your head and look around instead of being tunnel vision blind. Until then no matter what anyone says including me, one gun over the other will just continued to be debated what is and isn't op. Agree to disagree, word vs word, opinion vs opinion, NC have the greatest dmg in general over both factions and yet I bet you don't think that's something to complain about.
  15. Ziggurat8

    Lol. You've got an NC alt you never play so youre the expert. Youre an idiot.
  16. stricken78

    Never said I was the best, but hey take it how you want dick. You die to a vulcan that's your problem, learn to counter it.
  17. Ziggurat8

    I dont die to Vulcans. I play TR ezmode. Best guns, most pop, simple.

    I also know how stupid easy the Vulcan is to use and how much of a murder machine it is. It's OP. Stop pretending you know differently. You're a liar.
  18. stricken78

    LOL "TR best guns" , now you're really the idiot..........
  19. Clone117

    ill say it again. Buff basilisk to be on par with vulcan. Problem solved.
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  20. Ziggurat8

    Uh huh. MSW-R, Striker, Vulcan, Cycler, Watchman, Armistice, P2-120AP, Banshee, Mercy, Repeater.

    These are a few of my favorite things.

    I'd give best LMG (Beetleguese) to VS and best HeavyWeapon (JackHammer) to the NC. Everything else, it's either a wash cause I'm trying to Auraxium or the TR have the edge. Plus, they're Red.