[Vehicle] G20 Vulcan-H Needs A Nerf !

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by ChUnKiFieR, Jun 26, 2020.

  1. Atorum

    If you die to a Vulcan you are a bad player.
  2. Demigan

    Really? Could you explain that one or are you just going to spout nonsense?
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  3. Johannes Kaiser

    I'll try for him: He mains Vulcan Harrasser and can no conceive that he isn't the greatest player of all time, while the weapon itself is obviously perfectly balanced. But that means everyone who dies to him is just so bad in comparison. :)
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    Is it an "LULCAN TO OP" type of post on forum?
    Waow! So fresh topic, i swear i never seen something similar to it.

    Tomorrow someone should create topic about auraxium weapons, CQC bolters and something like "**** A2G" because i trully believe what it would change something! Like as soon as you create a post with detailed analysis of the problem, suggesting solutions some dev would see it and say: "hey, that's actually a good idea" and it gonna be implemented in next update.

    Oh... oh nevermind, we not on reddit, Gods abandon us.
  5. Johannes Kaiser

    Isn't that paet of the point though? When people with experience in the game say something is out of whack for a very long time, there might be an issue. No smoke without fire and all that.
  6. Atorum

    Because you forget who goes against whom.
    VS/NC only fight TR.
    Prowler is the weakest and easiest MBT to kill.
    Mjolnir/Halberd/Saron are devastating vs Prowler who has no defense ability and has to lockdown and be immobile to be somewhat effective, Magrider and Vanguard dont while at the same time dealing higher damage and dodging or mitigating it incoming damage.
    Prowler used to be a glass canon, now its only glass.
  7. Demigan

    You on drugs and having a bad trip? The Prowler is fast, very maneuverable, has the best DPS out of the 3 MBT's and with Barrage now being seperate from Anchor you can boost that DPS on the move.

    That said, we are talking about the Vulcan-H, the H stands for Harasser. Perhaps you should have read the thread itself? Its not like people arent mentioning it from the first post onwards.
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  8. Clone117

    Buff bassy turret to be on par with vulcan h. Problem solved. Honestly if the other factions were given a varient of the vulcan h and were also on par dps and ease of use wise this would likely no longer be such a huge issue.
  9. Demigan

    It would be an even bigger issue. The Harasser is already way above its cost/effectiveness, especially if you think of "cost" in terms of "skill and risk required to operate it". Giving everyone something as powerful and easy to use as a Vulcan on their Harasser would make this problem even bigger.
  10. Arkanakaz

  11. MonnyMoony

    Indeed. Plus, rapid sustained fire weapons like the Vulcan are much more forgiving of bad aim.

    If you miss shots using the Saron, then that's a big chunk of damage you haven't dealt and you have less opportunity to correct your aim whilst simultaneously doing damage.

    Miss a few shots with the Vulcan however, it makes little difference overall and you can correct aim on the fly. Finishing enemies is also a lot easier. If you have an enemy vehicle on fire, those last few lucky pings from the Vulcan can land the finishing blow, whereas miss the last shot on something like the Saron and you have to wait for reload whilst your enemy runs, hides or repairs.
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  12. RabidIBM

    Oh boy, one of these conversations. I play all 3 factions, and there are two conversations I am so tired of. 1, "The other two factions have OP gear, and our faction is nerfed to hell, the devs are obviously playing favorites!". 2, "The other two factions always ally against us, this is so unfair!".

    Do you think the other factions have OP gear? Ok, make a toon on that faction and show me. Record your play and post it. Show me that gear being OP when YOU are using it. Here's what's going to happen: 1, you will learn that it is not as OP as you think, 2, you will learn how to counter it by playing with it.

    I know, the game is exciting, you get emotionally invested in your play, you feel crappy when you lose. You don't want to swallow the bitter emotional pill of admitting you got out played, it takes the edge off to deny the legitimacy of the contest by claiming it was never fair. Grow up.
  13. Blam320

    That doesn't change the times when gear is legitimately overpowered. Unstable Ammo pre-nerf, the Vulcan (indeed Harassers in general), Zealot Overdrive Engine pre-sledgehammer, NC MAX Scattercannons pre-nerf, et cetera.
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  14. Demigan

    The assumption that the game is completely fair and balanced, especially with the current devs, is absolutely a grown up opinion! Yes! There is absolutely no reason to assume anything can be OP! Especially not with the data provided that shows it being OP! Or the fact that some of us did use all 3 Faction Harassers and found the Vulcan to be the easiest and most powerful. Sure the Saron is more fun and has its high points, but it just doesnt match the ease and power of the Vulcan. Something that the usage stats confirm: there are 4 to 10 times as many Vulcan Harassers, they kill 1.5 to 2x as many vehicles as their counterparts and the average BR is the lowest (and thus least average experience).
  15. Atorum

    Barrage is a joke of an ability, that statement shows you dont play TR, no TR MBT player said "what an awesome ability", even the guys I know who play on NC and VS said its horrible ability.
    The amount of armor I would tear through on my Vanguard with my bro was hilarious, cant even imagine pulling that off on Prowler even on a best day.
    Want to know why? Well its simple, one shot on the Prowler with my Vanguard and I've won, there is no "oh ****" button on Prowler), meanwhile on Vanguard and Magrider, a much different story.
    As for Vulcan Harasser, as Ive said before, it matters what kind of target you attack.
    Prowler is an easy target, Vanguard and Magrider arent, its that simple.

    Since reading with comprehension is kinda hard for you ill explain it, Vulcan Harasser isnt OP and never was, it has to go after difficult targets unlike its counterparts, its has to be on the enemy at all times to take it down and it loses lots of its damage with range, and being close to heavy hitting MBTs like Vanguard and Magrider is a big no no, thats why I see so many Halberds anyway.

    He said Prowler is fast and maneuverable, talk about delusional.
  16. BamaRage

    Would also ad the Aphelion for the VS needs a nerf, it seems more powerful than the vulcan at this point.
  17. Demigan

    The Barrage is superior to the old Anchor mode, and anyone pretending that the boost on the move is inferior is kidding themselves. Just like people who say "I'll just tear through other armor in a Vanguard". You obviously haven't played Vanguard have you? And if you have and think it's superior, you must be of the "sit still and slug at it" type, incapable of using things like "maneuvering" and "basic intelligence".

    As for the Vulcan, what do you mean "it has to go after difficult targets unlike it's counterparts"? The Magrider is more floaty and the Vanguard more tanky sure, but you have the Vulcan to counter that. Ease of use plus firepower. You are also ignoring the fact that the Prowler is the fastest MBT with pretty decent maneuvering capabilities, making it the overall fastest on the field when getting around.

    Also your comment about "so many Halberds" is delusional. I've already shown that the Vulcan Harasser is used on average 5x more than the Halberd versions. In fact even if you combine the TR, VS and NC Halberd usage the Vulcan is still used 1.5 times more! Just check it again (sorry, for the first time since you haven't done any research whatsoever and just claim anything that suits your internal narrative):
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  18. ChUnKiFieR

    And I'm going to keep bumping this thread until somebody does something about that ****ing gun!
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  19. Money

    another little tidbit to increase the effectiveness of the Vulcan is the tracers. They are aim correcters. The Mojinir, Enforcer, Halberd don't have these.
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  20. ChUnKiFieR

    And at night their blinding.