[Vehicle] G20 Vulcan-H Needs A Nerf !

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  1. ChUnKiFieR

    How long are we supposed to put up with this highly overpowered weapon? We get that the Devs like it but how about giving it a rest for cripes sake.

    To you mindless child-like trolls.. we don't give a rats behind about your stats. The stats are bogus. We all know it. And we all know who wins in an even one on one harasser duel so bite me.
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  2. MichaelMoen

    OP isnt wrong.

    Infantry, Armor, Aircraft, a large magazine. There's nothing it cant do.
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  3. xMeserionx

    Part of the Issue is how forgiving the Vulcan is compared to other faction counterparts of long range AV: VS Saron, and NC Mjolnir.

    The Saron has virtually no tracers, meaning you just have to know the bullet velocity to hit moving targets. Also you need to hit with the entire magazine to go toe to toe with the Vulcan or Mjolnir Harrasers.

    The Mjonlir has no long range, it functions more like a mid range shotgun (We VS call it the boombox) that can very deadly but the CoF of the weapon is so big that sustained fire is not an option past a certain distance.

    The Vulcan has a big magazine with tons tracers, meaning it very easy to track where your bullets are going, making it very easy to pick up. It also has a very steady CoF even when fully spun up and it frankly out DPS'es the other two weapons simply by having the best sustained damage, tracers, and the easiest recoil management.

    A possible solution would be to give the Vulcan a very strong recoil when fully spun up, like a vertical recoil that would require constant management for sustained fire. The excuse here is the Vulcan is not a pea shooter, it fires a heavy caliber machine gun designed punch through armor plating meaning the rounds likely are coming out of the barrels at a somewhat ridiculous speed, thus heavy vertical recoil.

    That recoil otherwise should be flipping over the Harasser and maybe prowler too considering how unbalanced (not OP, just physics-wise with an offset double barrel) the tanks design is.
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  4. stricken78

    Just as much as we TR put up with the vs saron and/or proton and nc enforcer ml85
  5. Demigan

    Hehe, thank you for agreeing with the OP!

    The Vulcan H is used about 3x as much as the Saron and Enforcer:

    Oh haha, did I say 3x? Thats 4 to 10x as much. So we need 4 to 10 times as many users (would remain the same if we looked at other Harasser weapons).

    The Vulcan also scores around 1.5 to 2x as many vehicle kills:

    So they also visit more targets that they actually kill.

    In order to make sure the TR puts up as much with the Saron and Enforcer we need to either buff the bejeezus into these two weapons, nerf the bejeezus out of the Vulcan or go down a middle road.

    Just for fun here are all AV oriented Harasser weapons:

    Notice something odd there?
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  6. stricken78

    As much as data likes to try and show, on it's own, KPU means jack ****. However, KPUs calculated for the average BR in quarters (1-25, 26-50, 51-75, 76-100), so that you can see how many kills the different experience groups get with a certain weapon. Doesn't that mean even less? Because higher BR force themselves to use weapons for auraxiums a habbit which will only get worse.
    KPU: A virtually useless stat that does not account for time used or the ratio of kills vs. deaths - just the # of kills acquired by that player with that weapon.

    Of course you can just cherry pick the times said weapon was used, but I personally do not think that KPU should be used to declare whether or not a gun is OP. I know everyone wants to have some number they can glance at to say "look, that stat says it's OP" but that number just doesn't exist. Either put in the effort to analyze the whole picture or be content in posting your opinion as an opinion.
  7. Blam320

    It's an objective fact that the Vulcan is the single most-used Harasser and MBT top gun. It shreds armor, aircraft and infantry alike, and it does so much faster than the top guns offered by the other Empires.
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  8. Demigan

    Fornicate you, seriously. I just checked all relevant stats, which is easy using my last link with all AV Harasser weapons on voidwell. It has the highest uniques by a mile, highest vehicle KPU, highest vehicle KPH, its ranked amongst the lowest average BR so its easy to use by most players and your high BR comment doesnt fly, at the Q4 all of this still applies so go fornicate yourself with a cactus and stop trying to defend an obviously overpowered and overused tool.

    To say its cherry-picking I have to ask you, how am I cherry picking if everything points to the Vulcan being OP.
    The point of saying "hey you are cherry-picking" is that you can show people how. But you havent even looked at the data because you know what you'll find so you just scream random stuff in the hopes the devs nod along with you.
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  9. Pelojian

    vulcan is not long range AV, it's close quarters.
    if you are gonna compare weapons compare it to the Aphelion VEX-4 (which is basically a vulcan variant) and Mjolnir.

    the problem isn't the vulcan, the problem is other weapons aren't as easy to use and it synergises well with harassers ability to fight like an ESF, get in close shred the enemy then disengage before seriously threatened.

    if the harassers actually had to commit to fights alot of people's frustration would disappear, it's not very nice to have to fight something so fast and difficult to hit and then when you damage them enough they easily outpace you and retreat, repair and a minute later they are gunning for you again.

    if it was harder for harassers to get into close range and stay there, people might actually choose mid range harasser weapons for skirmishing rather then only using them for pot shots at range.
  10. Johannes Kaiser

    Sooo...nerf the Vulcan 6 years ago? Enforcer was too strong for a bit, but that was for maybe 2 months or so. Vulcan has overperformed since pretty much ever. Only reason people don't complain about the Prowler-mounted version as much is because as a platform for this particular type of weapon it is less effective (mid-range weapon on a long-range tank isn't that good of a mix unless you adjust loadout and playstyle to match).
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  11. Liewec123

    the problem is how effective it is for how easy it is to use.
    i think on paper Mjolnir has a minuscule dps lead over vulcan when you land every grenade,
    but that is burst firing 4 grenades, with slower projectile velocity, heavy drop and all of that jazz.

    vulcan is just "aim in the general direction and hold down the trigger."
    missed shots can be shrugged off because it is a bullet hose.

    weapons that are easy to use should do noticeably less damage than weapons that are difficult to use,
    but in practical scenarios Mjolnir and Vulcan do similar damage,
    but vulcan is sooo much easier to use and far more forgiving when you miss.
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  12. nagibator

    its strong but not overpowered. at 50+ meters efficacy like default basilik.if you hear vulkan just run. 50-meters harasser easy frag.exception magrider-vulcan harasser. here problem not in vulcan. problem in not enough magrider agility(rounding,speed etc)
  13. Demigan

    Absolutely true! Just turning around and outrunning a vehicle that is faster by default than the best upgraded other ground vehicle is easy! Harassers just immediately give up or vaporize under your firepower when you stay beyond 50+m! Its not like they are small and fast with the best ability to dodge shots out there, or that they control 90% of the engagement and can determine where to fight or not to fight. No siree! And ofcourse the best solution isnt to try and keep your front facing your opponent and damaging him as much as possible, so the Magrider is suddenly the worst at dealing with Harassers!

    And for a weapon that is "just powerful" why is it used so effing much more than its counterparts on top of outperforming them?
    Oh wait that sounded like criticism, cant have that ofcourse. I meant "Of course Nagibator, you are absolutely right. Your fantasies are the reality".
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  14. ChUnKiFieR

    If you can't agree with Demigans actual right in front of your stinking face facts, you are worse than in denial. You are completely broken.
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  15. FABIIK

    Seriously ? Vulcan at long range ? o_O
  16. Demigan

    At least the Vulcan can deal damage at mid-range with some consistency. The Mjolnir as a long range weapon though...
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  17. Johannes Kaiser

    Mjolnir at mid to long range is about as effective as throwing snowballs. By hand, of course.
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  18. Trebb

    If we're basing it totally on usage, let's also nerf the Beetelgeuse, because it's an ACTUAL fact that it's the single most used directive weapon for HAs, used more than any of the other directive weapons *combined*.
  19. Peebuddy

    Nerf the vulcan so we'll use. . . what exactly? No other weapon in the Tr arsenal is worth a damn, maybe that's why it's pulled more often. How about instead of the nerf bat everyone ******* about when it's used on their faction, you improve our other weapons so they're at least functional.

    Then maybe vulcan numbers will decrease.
  20. Johannes Kaiser

    Well, if you bring all TR weapons in line with the Vulcan, that might change the usage stats, but then all TR weapons will wreck everything else. All weapons across the board need to be somewhat in line while having their own niches.