G15.. G15.. GFIFTEEN!

Discussion in 'Player Support' started by Timeraider, Nov 20, 2012.

  1. Timeraider

    The first G15 error: Maybe its me, lets allow planetside 2 everywhere to be sure
    Second G15: getting little bit mad, lets open up our connection slightly more
    Third G15: im getting enraged now, lets disable all protection i have
    Fourth G15: ... /close application
  2. MrTwizzpops

    Oh I am glad it is not just me getting this then...I thought it might be something to do with the anti virus so I turned it all off and made sure it was 100% allowed and I still get the G15.

    Any help would be appreciated! :D
  3. SpottyGekko

    Same here, constant G15's...

    I've added all the suggested PS2 files to my firewall exception list, but it's not helping...
  4. Mansen

    Same here - and NO firewalls or any kind of protection here whatsoever. This machine doesn't have any and the router specifically makes it a DMZ for game reasons.
  5. MrFlannelMouth

    Same here. AV's off, firewall exceptions added, firewall turned off, haven't been able to get in.
  6. Veratu SOE

    Can you please share with me what Region you are in and what Servers you are attempting to connect to?
  7. Mansen

    Europe, Woodman server. Several others in my outfit with same issue - and equally as many without it (all are connecting FROM Europe TO woodman)

    Edit: Managed to get ingame just now.
  8. melohne

    Location: Austria (Europe), Woodman server. Same here

    Edit: just been able to log in now
    Edit edit: G9 error now instead of G15
    Edit edit: G15 again
  9. Elroina

    I am in EU (Sweden) and trying to connect to Woodmam.

    Lots of G15 over here...
  10. Jellymech

    same error here as well on woodman , was in game then boom connection lost :(
  11. Frebben

    Same problem. Europe, Woodman.

    I got in once, played for about 30 seconds and then got disconnected from the server.
  12. Vexx

    Exactly the same here. Europe and Woodman as well. Tried disabling/allowing/etc. things as well. No change.
  13. Timeraider

    Ah, maybe its yust Woodman overloading i guess

    to much logins and the servers respond aggresively to that
  14. Twist

    We're working on this - no eta yet unfortunately but hair is being pulled.
  15. MrTwizzpops

    I am in the EU and I am trying to connect to...Woodman? I think that is it
  16. MrTwizzpops

    Oh well I shall take this time to go have a good update of my drivers! :D
  17. Hapexi

    G15 reporting in! errors everywhere, I can't handle this! aargh.. error error.. biiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiip
  18. Bad News

    Same here, after many tries i was able to get ingame, but after 5 min i got disconnected and now G15 is back,i even closed both firewall and AV
  19. ShayeUK

    Turn your firewall back on it isn't the problem
  20. das19

    i can conferm that the woodman server is the problem the other EU server does not have this issue i recomend playing on the other server in the meantime