G15 Errors on Emerald 4/16/2022

Discussion in 'Bug Reports' started by Whattheheck, Apr 16, 2022.

  1. Whattheheck

    Anyone else?
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  2. Trebb

    Yep! It's all over reddit too
  3. Trebb

    Also, I went to create a char on Connery, and I can see ALL the server ping times except Emerald. Fix plz!
  4. Envisage

    Same can't get into Emerald.
  5. Operation Mindcrime

    Two weekends in a row now. It's almost like they're doing this on purpose...

    edit: managed to get in after several attempts.
  6. Whattheheck

    Same. Multiple times.
  7. Whattheheck

    I got past the G15 error just to get stuck in a queue 65/68. If I only paid them more money. Even after thousands of dollars over a 10 year period. Its not like I deserve a life time membership or anything. I mean, what was I thinking!
  8. Evil.Iguana

    I cannot get in either. G15 every time.
  9. OneShadowWarrior

    I got the G15 error, after trying to login for a several hours I gave up.

    I would go back to Connery Server but the server latency all over the place.
  10. {FRG}TheGit

    Well since I pay to play this game, I'm thinking of NOT sending any more of my money to a game that won't allow me access to the server I prefer.
  11. ps2player

    yep g15 Emerald
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  12. ColdBS

    let me guess Vanu
  13. RollTideMustang

    Yep,yup! Same G15
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  14. Miss Atley <3

    I'm getting this on my VS NSO character but yet I can log into my TR and NC characters? o_O
  15. Devil 2 U

    Horrible experiences logging into today. first round at 8pm EST took 30 minutes of attempts. later on at 12:15am EST, it took 45 mins to get back in the game. This needs to be PRIORITY #1 to RESOLVE!
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  16. plattner

    4-17 cant login stuck on char pick screen way to many times plz fix
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  17. CommanderTherius

    same: g15 error preventing character load (multiple instances): Emerald

    in addition: it seems that creating a level one character (skip tutorial) will consistently bypass this bug... as i am only able to load a level 1 character on emerald (with zero combat experience); all other character load attempts have failed.
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  18. Havnfn

    yep same here
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  19. Private Drake

    g15 thats nice considering i was on earlier and just got back to the game from a big break, always right when you really wanna play man.
  20. Evil.Iguana

    Same here. This is the third weekend in a row that the game has been down. This is an unacceptable level of downtime and DBG management does not appear to realize how deleterious this sort of thing is to their company's image, because if they did they would be putting a lot more effort into trying to convince their customers that they care.
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