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Discussion in 'Player Support' started by TSR AlexS, Nov 20, 2012.

  1. Scatterblak

  2. ziv6

    Where's G99?
  3. SilverDrakon

    Today, after update, i have code G99. What does this mean?
  4. Moving20

    You are getting the G99 because all the servers are down for maintenance. At the top of the main forum page it says they are all under maintenance and also it says it earlier in this forum. Some times the answer is right in front of you.
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  5. OPGrimjow

    I keep getting the g99 and its not up there
  6. RedXII

    when i try to start the game it just crashes and sends me to a web page with Error G25 and the BETA System requirements on it.
    Does this mean it has no support for my gpu (radeon hd 3870) at all, or has no support yet, or there is some driver error or something, or ... what?
  7. Rtwpygbzstpqacihfd

    This game is becoming a joke. Again G99. WHY THE FRAK ARE THE SERVERS DOWN FOR MAINTENANCE EVERY FRAKING DAY? How much maintenance does it FRAKING NEED ?? I can't handle this, WE NEED SOME MUTHA FRAKING STABILITY ! Give it a FRAKING REST!
  8. Rtwpygbzstpqacihfd

    Sony are going to lost a lot more gamers than just me if they think that they can get away with this. I DONT appreciate getting rudely kicked out and not told that a server is going down for maintenance. They have that facility I have seen it before. Why don't they FRAKING USE IT! Why does such an interesting game have to be ruined by INCOMPETENCE?
  9. DankFist

    Someone watches too much BattleStar Galactica. Also, that name man. What the hell is with that name.
  10. Markyy88

    I did everything but call them. I am getting the G99 error. I've had it sense the 25th of Jan. Anyone know a solution?
  11. Nemsis

    And what about the G99 Error??! I whant to play!!!!!:(
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  12. McBroseph

    The game was running fine for the first 2 months, but upon starting to load, the game crashed for a game error G10. i stopped playing for a while, and decided to log back on. Game error G10. I created a new character. Game error g10. I deleted both characters and made a new one. error g10.

    I don't know if i am being a newb with this, but i don't know how to get to "in-game Support". i didn't see any options for "support" in the character select menu, as that is as far as i could get.

    Please help. i don't normally post on forums like this.
  13. able1776

    updated today NOW G99 ERROR! UPDATE YOUR LIST!
  14. TSR AlexS Customer Service

    Just added, should be good to go!
  15. Rutwikgamer

    i have G 30 error guys need help
  16. Bong80

    Same problem, G30 error. It's started after last patch. Technical support ineffective.
    i7, gtx 570, 8 gb.
  17. MarcoAurelio

    im getting error g99 wth does that means btw
  18. BattleDroids

    I cannot validate my PS2 files as a Steam user. Any solutions?
  19. Salam Ghost10

    I still need help with G25 D:
  20. SaimonFFB

    i have the g18 error i have played in window xp
    After that I moved to Windows 7 after a day and now it does not work