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    ok, i got planet side 2, and for the first 3 days i had fun messing around on vanu
    then it crassed my compuer and i tried to back on planet side 2...
    i have the g25 error, I already updated my video card and went to Technical Support five times before and still...
    i would really engoy some help right now... please?
  2. Rudolph200

    this game is getting worse by the minute, there is no work from the Dev's (as far as i can see) and they dont seem to be doing anyhting about it, fix error G99!
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  3. OldRaka


    I don't understand the complaining players why they not give us all a hint, at what partition of HDD they have installed PS2. Maybe the reason could be an installment of PS2 not at C: as recommended.
  4. Mech0311

    Ok... so I am periodically getting this G99 error code which closes down my game and sends me to this webpage:
    http://www.planetside2.com/error/game.action?code=G99&info=Unable to connect to Login Server.

    I had it the other day, it went away mysteriously. It worked fine up until today, now it is doing it again.

    I have restarted, validated numerous times, logged out and back in and so on, and it doesn't let me play the game. It hovers at 15% and then 98% or just goes straight to 98% and then closes the game and sends me to that website.

    I know that this issue is not on my end, its your login servers.
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  5. OldRaka

    Curious :eek:.

    I'm not sure about at which side the problem is generated, but recommend to talk about the G99-issue in the

    special G99-thread
  6. Krizzen

    I get a G12 when I ALT+Tab after clicking play on the launcher but before the game loads the main menu. Don't ALT+Tab randomly! =)
  7. PhoViper

    G25 Error. Tried everything that was reccommended... need help, ahven't been able to play a second yet. :(
  8. PhoViper

  9. xxMEGABITxx

    Can you please try and make the game playable for lower graphics cards? :)
  10. PresidentFreeman

    Anyone know what a G99 error code means? Game refuses to get past the initial loading screen and redirected me to a page with this:
  11. Gary

    Servers are currently down/locked to apply the triple XP any Error codes you are getting are due to this. You can see the status of the servers at the following link


    When they say "Online" or something similar if you still get the error give it 30minutes then try again (login servers might be flooded) If you still have no luck you should submit a ticket to the support team and include the following info:

    Computer specifications:
    Router make/model:
    Wired or wireless:

    any other information you think may be necessary, You should also check to make sure your firewall is not blocking the connections.
  12. PresidentFreeman

    Ok thanks for clearing that up Garry.

    In case it helps with something:

    Brief computer specs: Phenom II X4 955 @ 3.2, 6870, 4GB RAM
    ISP: Telstra (Australia)
    Router: Thomson TG782T
    Wired connection - straight to modem without routing.
    Speed: 15Mbps down 1Mbps up
  13. Torvar72

    I didn't get a g code error I installed and his play and it said I had to associate the game through my control panel. But when I tried to associate the game it wouldn't let me. So I guess I'll try to reinstall to see if it installed wrong
  14. M0riTzx3

    I Got the error G99 and I Dont know how to solve...
  15. OldRaka

  16. OldRaka

  17. Mech0311

    Error G99. Sucks not being able to play after having invested so much money in this game as well as subscribed to it.

    Tried all methods, graphics drivers, firewalls, restarting, changing IP, cleaning registry, erasing and re downloading PS2 files etc etc etc. The game just decides when it wants to let you play it and when it doesn't. There is definitely something going on with your login server accepting new connections.

    I would try a full re install of your 30 gig game, but everyone else that has this issue has already done that and it didn't help so I would rather not waste my time.

    Hopefully this issue is fixed soon because its keeping people from playing your game.
  18. Aerzee

    G25... Farewell Vanu...
  19. Britton

    Im getting soooooooo ticked off about this G25. my computer can run the game fine, but the error is shutting off the game as soon as it loads. ive tried the delete files, new card, update drivers and everything!. does anyone know how to bypass the error code?
  20. PvtFarva

    Okay, i just bought a new computer, I been playing this game for awhile but all of a sudden i've been getting Error G21, Which is not enough Memory. My Comp. has enough memory to run this game when i can easily run other games without a problem.