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Discussion in 'Player Support' started by TSR AlexS, Nov 20, 2012.

  1. Artherion

    Getting the G99 error, have check and allowed planetside2.exe, awesomeproccess.exe and launchpad.exe through my firewall, also have re-installed many times
  2. MallowChunkage

    G29 isn't on the list, game opens, gets to 97%, crash to desktop, G29.
    Login or character thing error?
  3. sindz

    Getting the same,
    In the old days the G29 was:
    Unable to Authenticate With Login Server.
  4. ajaramus

    Also getting the G29 error after disconnecting (and freezing?). Just wait it out or is there another solution ?
  5. sindz

    Only thing you can do is wait till SOE realizes it.
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  6. ajaramus

    ok thx!
  7. mer1c

    You are aware that there's a maintenance going on right now which affects login servers, right?
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  8. ajaramus

    I wasn't aware, thx
  9. mrcabbage

    i keep getting the g9 error code. iv tried everything, reinstall, what the forums above say and i still cant play. please help. when i played a couple of years ago, i never had this problem, but when i got it a couple of days ago, i keep getting the same error code
  10. mrcabbage

    any idea when the servers should be fine?
  11. C+++

    Are u God?
  12. C+++

    game problem... they will fix.. not you, god
  13. C+++

    i think the problem is all U have 56 cores .. me with only 2 i can play like angels ... enjoy
  14. Fatboy

    Having problem with G29 here as well.
  15. conundrum22

    I was getting the G44 errors...finally turned my firewall off, and was able to logon without any issues. Dunno if this helps.
  16. GaveYouHermes

    I'm getting G15 a lot right now, the game is booting up and in one case I was in the middle of a massive firefight (in which I was doing really good too) and it shut down on me. It's been happening semi-often past few days and all day today.
  17. thewolf2114

    Getting a G13 error. I tried updating my video card driver but it says its up to date. Im using a virtual machine that meets the minimum requirments
  18. NateDiesel

    g13 error win7 updated video card drivers
  19. highdevilx

    i opend ps2 on my old pc then i tried to open it on my new pc 16 GB ram nvidia gtx 780 intel core i5
    it tells me error realy the launcher doesnt check the pc !!!!:mad:
  20. vortex594

    every time i try to log into a character, it loads to 99%, sits for a minute or two, then crashes to a G9 error. i've tried reinstalling 5 times now, i've tried playing different characters on different accounts, and i've tried different servers. nothing is working.