Future Crew

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  1. SKYeXile

  2. LeFoodstuffs

    good god the snobbery in the OP

    no one ever gave to much of a **** about this crew until the game died...
  3. LeFoodstuffs

    and the only reason why anyone cared about future crew in planetside 1 in the end was because it was the most active outfit. they were basically the 666th. the only lineage this crew has is from being around for a long time, not much else.
  4. SKYeXile

    Cool story, stay small.
  5. Shockfc

    You're a troll, but you obviously never played PS1
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  6. Emotitron

    If I start flying my VS again, and change my dislike of being in outfits - I will look you guys up.
  7. Centurytactics

    Does the level +40 requirement count if you have an alt that is in another faction? Like, I'm level 40 on NC but i'm level 10 on Vanu. But now... I'm thinking Vanu is better... so it's going to be my main and soon I'm gonna get both the Sirius and Eridani because I play infiltrator alot.
  8. AuntLou42

    The Future Crew the beasts of Connery! Can't wait to party it up at SOE Live this year!
  9. Ice

    Gotta get your new main to 40, yo. Vanu's light will only grace those who prove their dedication to The Rainbow.
  10. ViXeN

    Another TR/NC refugee who was finally enlightened. :D
  11. Centurytactics

    Alrighty, good to know. Right now I'm level 23, so I think i can make it to level 40 in like ~4 days. Maybe 5
  12. Gleerok

    *Tries to start friendly conversation about the battle you just had*

    *receives insults and total lack of humbleness and respect*

    Thats a future crew member for you :3 they think they are mighty gods and all those around them are pure piles of trash.

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  13. NightmareMan

    I'm sorry but as far as hate tells go that's pretty funny.

  14. reydelchicken

    But that's VIRTW, their pro rocketpod farmer. I've never seen him on the ground myself :/

    But they have a few good infantry players, they know how to make up lack of aiming skill with great positioning and teamwork, which is good.
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  15. Gleerok

    Sure, having some of your members raging at players and being toxic to the community for absolutely no reason is really funny.

    Btw, was he mad because I was running light assault on a ESF, is that it? Wth?
  16. Redbaron1029

    Don't waste your time gleerok. They play the way they wish. Just like the rest of us.

    When will Future Crew do a match against NUC?
  17. Gleerok

    Who was talking about the way they play lol?

    I'm highlighting (and presenting evidence) of the lack of respect and humbleness plus the absolute arrogance of that guy in on my chatbox in the picture, not criticizing the way they play, because actually, they play pretty well.

    Please read the posts before replying.
  18. Badname1652

    Sorry, but I've fought you on live and VIRT on live, and VIRT kills me without getting scratched, and I dominate you
    Pay respect where respect is due, and don't make overarching statements you cannot verify. It makes you sounds immature, and that is how one avoids fornication for life.
  19. reydelchicken

    Thats why my statement indicates positioning and teamwork.

    Aim means nothing in this game really, and I'm basing what I say purely on stats.

    They have 20-30% acc and HSR on all their players.
    Some of us that have 35-40% acc can hit more, but that doesn't mean we're better; also it does not mean I'm saying I'm better than them, I'm actually trying to compliment them about the things that actually matter in this game.

    And about VIRTW, I never said he's bad or anything, just that I've never seen him on the ground personally.

    Those are the issues of not knowing how to english that much, coming out as offensive... so sorry.

    I think it is a mistake to assume that we are all respectful and humble in the first place.

    P.S. VIRTW is incredibly grumpy at all times, I suspect it is because he is Canadian.