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  1. Ice

    Back when we were invited to participate in the "show match" for MLG Anaheim it wasn't clear if our characters would be moved to Waterson or not so we made alts and put some time into leveling them up. In the end we got moved from Connery to Waterson and then back for the event. I believe some people still have their Waterson VS but no clue how many still use them. I haven't touched mine since.
  2. Bigbauce

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  3. BRU7AL

    +1 for your sig
  4. Ice

    Easily the best thing to come from that scrim.

    The drama that followed that GIF was just as good.
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  6. NoXousX

    Need some pro *** pilots to replace me in about 6 months. Start applying nerds.
  7. kaptinkrunch88

    I hope the nerd that replaces you isn't an elitist ***.
  8. NoXousX

    I on the other hand hope he is.
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  9. kaptinkrunch88

    Well played sir.
  10. Badname1652

    Thank you Starchilde for pulling off clutch heals whenever I die trying to make clutch heals. Also, great outfit to run into as TR
  11. UltimaRecon

    Only thing I don't like about these guys, is when i accidentally team kill them with like 1 stray bullet in a firefight, I apologies and revive them right away, they still chase me down and kill me back anyways haha.
  12. BreachBangClear101

    Some days I hate you, but none the less, always a good fight
  13. Forkyar24

    you guys arnt feared and arnt respected not by me anyhow, I hope everyone knows that Future Crew cheats, that's how they win battles that's how they win period, so really all their kills have a asterisk by it and all their wins have a asterisk by it, cheating isn't wining, you can only win if you play fair, just like delta triad, future crew cheats.
  14. Shockfc

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  15. zedfonsie

    Why u so pro Noxous so many good connery pilots best air game out of all servers bro I can't handle it.
  16. NoXousX

    It's OK, maybe some day you will.
  17. zedfonsie

    ur embarrassing me noxous stap ur too good bro no lie dude your real good i'll fk ur couch any time chocobro
  18. DonRaphaelus

    Yeah, after a member of our outfit killed a dude called VincentVegaTR, he changed factions (to vincentvegaVS) and TK me and my teammate.

    Is this the kind of morale FCRW preaches?
  19. DonRaphaelus

    VincentVega being killed:


    VincentVega Tking

  20. NightmareMan

    Currently I have been heavily preaching the practice of "Xenosexuality." Lord Vanu came to me in a vision and showed me that anything that is living, and possesses a sphincter should be shown the love of Vanu. With the help of our highly skilled Tech Priests we have used nanites to shrink my ***** down to a size that allows me to have "non-destructive" sex with insects. The logistics of restraining a tiny creature so that I can thrust into it are immense but well worth it!

    Seek enlightenment and follow the rainbow my brother, Vanu's tentacles will guide the way.