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  1. Thuggernauttt

    WTF are you lol im Thug bro and I have been rolling deep for a decade. I bet you love resist shield. NEways just hit me up if you guys roll up NC im rolling deep.

    Thuggernaut son
  2. Thuggernauttt

    I owned that Nox guy the other day and he was so hurt he forgot when I killed him in PCP.

    yeah I own FC HT wannabees in recursion and PCP

    losers wannabe a thug

    ya a Thuggernaut son
  3. Thuggernauttt

    p.s. DVS > all
  4. Ronin Oni

  5. Ice

    We really don't need a troll account in here. It's bad enough that we get hate from actual players..
  6. Hitback

    This guy sounds like Colin Farrell's bastard failchild.
  7. Ronin Oni

    Of course I roll Resist.

    Most people roll Resist. (It's just only VS that's it's obvious because color difference :rolleyes: SO OP!)

    Only one that can be better is Adrenaline, I've thought about it but I'm already certed into Resist, as it's more reliably good anyways, and I'm spending certs elsewhere. The standard shield is great for only 11 certs, but doesn't scale very well and loses out to a maxed Resist shield. This is a known game fact.

    However I roll munitions pouch instead of nanoweave like most people because it lets me perform my job as AV better, and not being as shackled to ammo boxes (more time doing damage, less time returning to an ammo box to refill).
  8. EvilJollyT

    Thanks for the squad tonight. It was fun.
  9. Bigbauce

  10. Coltorl

    As Virtw and I face planted into each other going a solid 20kph, we saw our debris explode into millions of particles of fairy dust as each particle embarked on the journey of procreation and a journey into the inner workings of their spiritual self to answer the question, what is the meaning of life?

    Also this thuggernaut guy doesn't play with Recursion.
  11. SgtMAD

    Dude,that's the first friggin' thing that came to my mind when I read it,the post had everything included

    He even triple posted.
  13. Forkyar24

    you arnt feared, respected yes, I enjoy killing you guys, might want to make it a bit harder, and try to be less cocky=)
  14. SNAFUS

  15. Ice

    We were pretty pumped to run into the MERC air wing yesterday on Amerish. And by "run into" I mean "get trashed by". Nox and Str8 certainly wanted to abandon ops to keep the fight going.
  16. John_Aitc

    There should be a "Future Future Crew [FFCW}" Outfit that can play their way into the real outfit after a trial period!
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  17. SNAFUS

    It was a dam good fight, Nox caught me twice during that little spat. Hope we have more air battles in the future you guys are all that remains of standing enemy air wings it seems :(.
  18. Forkyar24

    Currently, FCRW is under a selective recruitment phase. We closely review all applications and trials, and will vote for removal if we don't feel certain skill or social metrics are met. Upon applying, you MUST seek us out in game to get a squad with us. We will not seek you out, ever. We will give you TS3 eventually, during this time your application will be reviewed. If it is accepted, you move to Trial status within the outfit.

    Trial status does not mean you are a Member of FCRW. It means we feel you could have what it takes to become a full Member. You will be looked at thoroughly during this time, and it could take weeks/months to move to full Member status. Some Trials will not make it past this phase.

    MINIMUM Requirements for application:

    - Age: 18+

    - Battle Rank: 40+

    - Your K/D, SPM, KPM and those metrics should not suck.

    Ways you will not get in:

    - Too much talking on TS3. We don't know you yet, talking too much is not going to warm us up to you. Don't do it.

    - Playing solo, or not listening to what is happening. FCRW moves fast sometimes, if you aren't able to keep up, you aren't able to join.

    - Lack of respect. Some people in this outfit have been playing together for 10 years, just because you don't know who they are in the PS2 community doesn't mean they aren't a big deal in the Future Crew community.

    - Thin skin, or "trying too hard." You know what this means, if you don't... Cya.

    **Know the leadership and organization of the outfit**

    Outfit Leader: ShockFC

    Co-Leaders: LtSmash, Tav

    Senior Officers: Scourge, SaiphVS, Nabeshin, Xellor, Boyer

    Officers: eLLeSS, NUKABAZOOKA, Seerena, NightmareMan, TwF

    Thank you!
    Highly Stupid
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  20. GoldenShowers

    Did Fcrew move to Waterson VS?