Future Crew

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  1. Bigbauce

    Scourge is nothing but a sweetheart. Before I was apart of FCRW I rammed him REAL good with my Scythe in a mass air fight. We made sweet, sweet love in midair, it was beautiful and yet, so tragic. As our love blossomed, it quickly died. Vanished into thin air. He eventually forgave me for putting it into him too hard. I daresay, he has the mightiest of buttocks.
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  2. OdinsPride

    congrats on the squad showdown at soe.
    now go away. stay out of my friggin biolabs forever.
  3. Ice

    Biolabs are sacred ground as decreed by Pope Grapius Maximus Molestius I. Anyone who has not felt the warmth of Vanu's light spreading through their insides is allowed to set foot on that hallowed land. All trespassers will have Vanu's wrath delivered upon them fully in the face (or on the back).
  4. Vanu2013

  5. Dson

    Outift Wars.... LOL. Well you're still no PcP
  6. Shockfc

    Sure about that? ;)
  7. Dson


    +1 keep loading up on Sirius + resist shield and ZOE. stat padding thru harassers + libs. true MLG pros in this topic.
  9. Ice

    I'm curious why you have so much mad towards us. I really am. And it might not be so much towards us as towards our general reputation. PM me, I'd like to know.

    We're just a group of dudes who like hanging out, being fabulous, and showing off artistic ways theBauce dies.
  10. Fortress

    Future crew will always hold a special place in my heart.
  11. JangotheJet

    Despite the fact that future crew is the best out fit some times a NC cloaker gets really annoying.
  12. Hitback

    Oh? and who might you be, if indeed you are an old PcP member?
  13. hansgrosse

    Ah, Future Crew. It's rare that I actually manage to kill one of you guys, but when I do it feels SO damned good. XD

    Keep on fighting the good fight!
  14. BigDeezMac

    You hold a place in your heart for cheaters? It is a well known fact Higby allows that TWF guy to cheat in exchange for profits for MLG.
  15. DuckSauce

    It takes a special kind of bad to hackuse a streamer.
  16. Fortress

    I think your drool cup is leaking.
  17. Nepau

    Please inlighten us on the Proof of this. I honestly want to know. I have my own issues at times with FutureCrew, but I personaly don't think they cheat.
  18. Ronin Oni

    Another FCRW victim lol!

    I know you won't believe me anyways, but I've played with them and been in TS and none of them cheat.

    They're just good enough to seem like it lol

    I know they don't... anyone who did would get bounced faster than a basketball at a Harlem Globetrotters game...hell, they'd prolly report 'em themselves.

    They hate cheaters
  19. Dagonlives

    Definitely a formidable group of players. I had a lot of fun fighting FCRW during our testing on the battle islands. (under the alias GenseriksFightingCocks at the time).
  20. vanu123