Future Crew

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  1. velleity

    Notice how my 10 year old pipper is better.
  2. TwF

    but.. what did I do?!
  3. Hitback

    Nothing bro, just keep doing you. <3

  4. LordBarrington

    One of your members Nightmare Man helped me quell a rebellion by supporting the North Lords in subduing a nefarious Scottish uprising. If this chap is any indication of the honor put forth by one of it's members, I Lord Barrington approve of this outfit.
  5. NightmareMan

    I still remember our night under the stars...fondly....


  6. SKYeXile

    This outfits gay.
  7. Ice

    What is this swelling feeling in my groin? Could it be... pride??

    Must find Fate for some sweet, sweet release.
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    One of the greatest posts I've ever read.
  9. Fate

    Just not in the face this time.
  10. YoXn

    Enjoy thy Helios players, for we have come.

    Oh, and our fun police.

    Greetings Good Sir,

    Art thou known in some parts as one Mr. Charles Barrington? Perhaps an associate of one Mr Gregory Fleet, the infamous Baron Von Reaverton or the much maligned De La Croix or perhaps even the much respected Dr Ball MD?
    I will bid thee farewell, I have waylaid thee for long enough this eve, Good Day Sir.

    Dear Leader
    The Bastards
  12. 5ou1

    Fun group to go up against.
  13. Blarg20011

    Wanted to say that these guys are good, always a pleasure to fight against them and I had a great time at Jaeger's crossing last night!

    EDIT: After reading through this thread I am slightly less inclined to support them.
  14. Hitback

    Good sir, Are thoust jimmies rustled?
  15. Blarg20011

    Not in the slightest my good gentlemen, but after reviewing this here parchment i\I have verily come to the decision that thou art an odd bunch of chaps.
  16. Hitback

    Odd? You have no idea. FC is to weird what white is to rice.
  17. Blarg20011

    Doth that not reinforce my previous allegation? Foresooth, it doth matter not, for thou and thine purple disco kin art just as mangy and vile as a horde of filthy Saracens.
  18. PrISM


    Thou should not read this one then Good Sir (link).

    (Worrying thing about that post is it actually worked on someone, knew I shoulda taken a bet up on that)
  20. Blarg20011

    Hell yeah I read that s**t! I'm going to make an NC character and sign up tonight in fact!