Future Crew vs INI Elite

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  1. diLLa

    Can't wait for the battle islands and a better oberserver cam to have a better setup for these kind of matches. This scrim showed a lot of good things of what these matches can be like. But it also showed some of the shortcomings at the moment.
  2. ChicoFuerte

    OMG you burned me and now I'm offended and I have lost all respect for your outfit, your family, your ancestors, the manufacturer of the car you drive, the governmental head of the country you live in and all people of your race, creed, religion, gender and eye color.

    That's what you sound like right now.
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  3. ScourgeOfTheServer

    At least 50% of my deaths were to UBGL. Yes, there was real gun play too, but I wouldn't make light of the UBGL use.

    UBGLs are far more then a "suppression" tool. Any time either team tried to do a mass charge, it failed completely, and I attribute almost all of that to UBGL use. UBGLs mean that all of the infantry pushing forward lose their shields, cutting the TTK against them in half. UBGLs also completely denied peeking, trying to peek into a door for a quick gun kill would get a UBGL to the face.

    About a quarter way into round 3, FCRW medics and engineers started equipping UBGLs, and it really showed.

    Part of the problem being hit on here, is that as soon as you ban something like MAXes, all of the alternatives to MAXes become more powerful. When MAXes are allowed, the match is decided by MAXes, no MAXes but UGBLs is still allowed, the match is decided by UGBLs, and then its rez grenades are still allowed, the match is decided by rez grenades, ect. Its a slippery slope once you ban anything.
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  4. kidRiot

    I'm 100% against arbitrary rules for the reasons Scourge stated. You want everyone to be able to use the tools available to get the job done. It makes for more dynamic play and makes matches more interesting. No one designs tools only so that you remove a part of them. It doesn't make sense.
  5. Pella

    Well it goes to my point i mentioned in the interview after round 1. About NS weapon's should be the only use weapons.

    But from our end, We pre planned this and decided on a winning strat that works. Which both teams had the opportunity to 3 weeks in advance.

    We ****** up round 3, Due to a miss hap with a galaxy pilot recalling to late. And we was litrally a fraction from flipping Mani Satellite. A bold move which went wrong in my eyes. But if it worked we would of won no problem. After that we couldn't recover Aurora.

    But you guys had Furys Harassers spamming the hell out of us onto the point room. But that was part of the rules which you executed well. Yet we are not here moaning about that are we :p

    Instead. It shows PS2 offers a wide rage of tactics to keep any armchair general occupied.
  6. Hyred

    Pleasure to watch guys! Kudos to both teams and especially kidRiot.
    Maybe kid could teach that MLG Jax dude how to not be a total ********.
  7. MaxDamage

    ..they teabagged you.
  8. Tav

    I'm happy you did your due diligence and treated this thing as a match. All I can hope for is that we meet again in a real competition so that we show up with; real squads that do not have a bunch of applicants and when we aren't treating it like practice. But hey, keep talking **** - it works for you.
  9. NoXousX

    Both sides had some major issues. The opener to round was screwed for us as well. The bio-lab's teleporter was bugged, and we were unable to get to our aircraft. Essentially we were down about 8 guys for the first 2-3 minutes due to this bug, allowing you guys to march right in and gal drop the point with ease. Coupled with the lack of infantry resources and we really had some strong limitations which allowed your outfit to take complete air dominance in the end and starve us of infantry resources.

    I would prefer personally to focus on how we can make events better in the future, and I would suggest better territory layout (if possible), more thought out weapon restrictions (or non at all, i.e noobtoobs against squishy infantry), and better base selection. The fights weren't very dynamic as they were single point fights. Also it was a 'practice' match (even though it doesn't feel like it was treated as such), so more flexibility to pause and reset would be nice.

    For MLG purposes, hopefully we'll see NS everything one day (i.e tanks/aircraft/maxes).
  10. Bigbauce

    I take full responsibility of the teabaggery. I apologize to those who may have been traumatized from this incident. I am a rotten, shameful manslut. My jimmies were undeniably rustled by the tremendous amount of Underbarreling taking place. My emotions got the best of me and I just had to show that TR corpse who was boss. I can only hope it was as good for him as it was for me.

    Great scrim though, it's enjoyable to be kept on our toes, hope we can do more and I fully expect to have my corpse given sweet, tender loving in the future. Mmmm baby.
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  11. jak

    He has major issues with teabagging. I can understand the confusion as Future Crew has viewed balls on the face as a party for years.
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  12. Crashsplash

    I don't understand the issue over ULGL, if a weapon is allowed why shouldn't it be used? But to be honest I didn't understand the issue over plasma back in ps1 even though I never used it.

    Having said that I props to both INI and to FC for providing an enjoyable fight. I've seen the match from a neutral perspective (kidRiot) amd from a FC one (itzmurda and TWF) but did someone record it on the INI side?
  13. NoXousX

    It think was more the excessiveness that bugs people (particularly for a practice match). When thinking of rules nobody thought "hey what if their whole team spams us with noob tubes." Lesson learned. :(
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  14. JesNC

    So the US playerbase lacks experience with indirect/arcing projectile weapons? Is that what you wanted to say? :D
  15. jak

    In my head, it's more like the US playerbase plays like Rambo while the EU players are more or less all French.
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  16. variablez

    pretty sure, we only had two people per squad packing umbl.
  17. Pella

    Tav i took your teabag like a man. But i'm glad i induced you to that level.

    But considering it was a "practice" match your comms where hilarious with the sheer amount of dissing and rage that was induced.

    Listen back, And then tell me you didn't take it seriously. Quite Embarrassing to be fair. No idea how Itzmurda put up with that.

    But im not here to call people out. But if your gonna start pointing fingers and call things like kids il prove you wrong.

    It was fun, And a good opportunity for both outfits to enjoy a good fight. Sorry if you didnt see it that way.

    • UBGL
    Whats next on your excuse list? Or perhaps suck it up and learn from it.
  18. FendleyFire

    I've worked it out to be around 7 if we are being honest.

    2 engis per squad, myself and iWarriors as medics out of choice in the ranged squad and I believe MetalWolf was using one as light assault in the ranged squad.

    So only 2 per squad that the leaders and everyone else was aware of, apart from FC of course who were on the receiving end.

    Either way my favourite round was the last one and I can't wait to do it again and I promise to bring my SABR-13 next time.
  19. EvilJollyT

    Butt-hurt much? You got beat. Deal with it, princess.
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  20. pnkdth

    Guys, seriously, chill out. You're not scoring any points by trying one up each other here.