Future Crew vs INI Elite

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  1. Hoki

    Second fight was good. Kidriot is very good commentator. The video quality is **** though.
  2. FocusLight

    Round 3, 23:39 - FC MAX teabag a lone TR.

    All respect for Future Crew = Lost.

    To clarify: Both sides did really well, and it was amazing to watch. I'm sure it was extremely entertaining to all involved, and it was an entertaining watch too - then we got the Tea-bagging nonsense. It's like... why must you take a dump on this awesome entertainment with that juvenile crap? WHY YOU DO THIS :(

    To all involved: You did well, but please, please next time you feel like doing this stupid thing, keep it in your pants, you are better than this.
  3. Mastachief

    Good casting. Shows the potential for entertainment with smaller scrims.

    Well played INI.
  4. tenzenator

    too many randoms against FCRW?
  5. SRMetalWolf

    Round 2 - 7:16 you like my LA UBGL shot yolo#swag#ini#mlg style? :D
    Wasn't a c4, then carried on to pistol the other 3 guys in the other corner. LA is OP!
  6. Sock

    I'm sure FC will be absolutely devastated to hear that.
    It was mentioned earlier in the thread, but these are essentially practice scrimms, not any sort of sanctioned match. Maybe from the outside looking in, you want to see super competitive professional gaming, but outside of internal scrimms, this sort of match up is really the only way for top level outfits to practice. It was a great match and it's encouraging to see that matches can be entertaining as a viewer, but this wasn't done for entertainment and getting your panties in a bunch over a teabag is awfully uppity.
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  7. Prudentia

    looks like both sides won. 2 hours fun sounds pretty much like a win-win situation.
  8. FendleyFire

    Ah it's all in good fun, after listening to ItZMuRdA's stream some FC members were using some very colourful language to describe us. In the end you just have to ignore the rubbish and recognise the quality of play from both sides, GG and move on.
  9. FocusLight

    See thing is, I don't give a toss if FC respect my opinion or care at all what I think - I care that people who want to be competitive in an E-SPORT show some damn class and respect for their oponents. Bad enough that huge loads of players in this game feel the need to be juvenile tools every day, but from competitive outfits I do in fact expect better. Tea-bagging is like physically saying your a little child who can't handle the idea that you actually beat someone. "Oh gosh oh gosh I got him I GOT HIM QUICK; MUST HUMILIATE HIM AS MUCH AS POSSIBLE BECAUSE I GOT HIM.

    Screw that BS. Is Future Crew a competitive outfit that aims for the top, to reach fame, recognition and victory, or are they a collection of children with inferiority complexes?

    You killed a TR. Congrats. There are more where he came from and you have better things to do than behave like a child for all to see. Like, preparing for his friends who will be there soon because your playing a 24vs24 scim with them and the clock is ticking.
  10. FocusLight

    I kind of did. It was very enjoyable to see this event, and I'm very glad that we have alternatives to the sad affair MLG has become.

    I just wish competitive outfits and their members would show a better standard of conduct than what's acceptable to 5 year old children, that is all really.
  11. Sock

    Once again, you're putting way too much stock in the whole thing. It wasn't an exhibition match, kR casting it was a last minute thing. It's a practice. People screw around. The fact that you jump immediately to something like this being the ultimate disgrace and probably the worst thing that has happened since the Holocaust says to me that you don't know anything about the outfit you're whining about.
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  12. Flapatax

    I usually take a break after killing someone to meditate on the symbolism of what I've done. I then light a candle to show the burning depths of my respect for my honored opponent, much like the Eternal Flame at Arlington National.

    It's like the Yankee store all up in my apartment.
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  13. MaxDamage

    Your reaction to teabagging is hilarious. I hope you know this.
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  14. Crashsplash

    Well done both teams and I thought kidriot was great as a caster. That's the first match I've enjoyed watching.
  15. Nocturnal7x

  16. ChicoFuerte

    FocusLight: "It was awful. It was childish. It was humiliating. I've never felt like less of a person."

    DetectiveMod: "We'll get this son of a ***** but we need more information. Can you describe the teabag? What features do you remember from the teabag? Was there anyone else who may have witnessed the teabag?"

    But seriously, if you're that sensitive to teabagging, you might want to take up another hobby like tennis or interpretive dance. I'm sure Flapatax could show you a thing or two on how to move your body to represent a dragonfly mid flight, free from the oppression of a virtual pair of testicles dipping onto its little dragonfly forehead.
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  17. Luighseach

    Thanks for links.
  18. Luighseach

    It may have not been done for entertainment but it was sure entertaining. Just imagine if this is what practice is then I can't wait to see what actual competition could bring. If done right it would be hell of a spectacle. Things like this is good for the community and the more of THIS we get out their to cover up the MLG war reports the better.
  19. MaxDamage

    Great fights and great commentary! Shame about interference from randoms, but it's gripping stuff. Thanks!
  20. NoXousX

    lmfao. good find this made my morning.

    If you knew anything about theBauce you'd know that was a very light-hearted t-bag.