Future Crew vs INI Elite

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  1. Luighseach

    If you didn't watch it shame on you.

    Future Crew and INI gave one hell of a performance. No side really dominated the battle and both showed their strengths and weaknesses. The first part of the scrim was amazing to watch and really shows what the infantry side of the game can look like and again was a joy to watch because it was more than just "CAMP SPAWN". The second part was also really nice to watch and showed a good mix of vehicles and infantry and gave a good view of what the game could be.

    This was what MLG could be and has been the best scrim/performance I've seen in a long time.

    Kidriot did an amazing job casting and really caught a lot of the action.

    If you didn't watch it he will surely have some videos up soon.

    (Please link videos in another comment when they come up)
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  2. FendleyFire

    It was a top fight, one of the toughest INI has had and we loved every minute of it. Looking forward to seeing the footage and a re-match at some point in the future.
  3. Ice

    Props to INI for the match. You guys locked Tawrich down something serious and we couldn't manage to bust in. The fight on Esamir was intense! We were sitting on the cap point for Freyr Geothermal watching the map and hoping our resecure would go through in time before we had to recall to Aurora.

    GG all and looking forward to the next time!
  4. Locke

    Damn I would of liked to have watched this
  5. Luighseach

    I had more fun watching and Kidriot caught most of the action so should be so nice footage for you guys to look at.

    Oh and whoever had those UBGL on INI, never saw that coming.
  6. Pella

    Was good fun. And im sure it was epic to watch also. Kidriot done a grand i heard

  7. libbmaster

    So THATS what I saw going down on the map in the test server!

    Sounds cool. I'll have to dig up the video. Is it on youtube?
  8. Luighseach

    Probably will be soon. Hopefully someone posts links to them when they get up.
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  9. libbmaster

  10. Luighseach

    No problem man. They will definitely be worth a watch.

    Maybe Kidriot or Community Clash can do a lot of these type scrims/tourneys with 24vs24 or maybe even a few 48vs48 or different tiers and have them be of this quality.

    MLG War reports 25/26 are the worst PS2 can be, but these type of matches are a small sample of what the competitive scene should be and hopefully will be.
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  11. DeadliestMoon

    When did this happen?
  12. Luighseach

    It happened earlier this evening around 6 est I think. Was a really nice match.
  13. DeadliestMoon

    Huh, hope I wasn't in the way. But I think I might've already been off at that time.
  14. MaxDamage

    I would have watched it, had I known about it.
    Other responses here show a similar bemusement.

    How about advertise the things... I missed BRTD one as well..

    Advertise in forums!
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  15. Fara

    Problem with advertising a fight is that we currently only have the PTR to play on, not an isolated Nexus or private server which means the more people that know about it the greater the interferance from outside players. Best we can do for now is a youtube video system.

    Eagarly looking forward to the video from kidriot because the ItZMuRdA stream didn't show the full picture. I was there playing one of the TR medics and it was super intense more than the VS realise.

    I suppose a very brief run down until videos would be, (no vehicles/maxes for round 1/2, anything goes round 3)
    Round 1) INI takes Tawrich cap point and holds it for a win.
    Round 2) FC takes cap point but INI takes Upper balcony, massive in-tech plant fight ensues where INI in a co-ordinated double squad push both flanks of the cap point and secure base. INI holds onto point and wins.

    Round 3) Was a 3 outpost latice line fight on esamir, with both teams assigned a "home" base with a middle neutral (NC). At the start both teams scrambled for the middle base but INI used 2 Gals for an early drop while FC kept almost an entire squad in the Air. INI takes the base and waits for FC.
    FC clears all TR spawn and then pushes on CAP point but are unable to stop INI taking outpost. This is where INI makes a big mistake, 1 whole squad is sent to the FC "home" outpost rather than a single infiltrator. As a result the middle outpost is lightly defended and literally 3 seconds before the cap starts at FC "home" outpost FC starts the middle outpost CAP and INI has to recall and regroup.
    FC keeps point and takes outpost despite pressure from INI, FC then moves to INI "home" outpost with a ground vehicle/sunderer push. INI defends their home outpost with 2 squads while sending a few people back to the middle outpost. FC takes INI home outpost cap point while INI is fighting FC at their sunderers. INI retakes cap point and defends, 1~2 INI members start cap on middle outpost and all of INI redeploys to Warpgate, mounts GALS and MLG rushes to middle outpost. FC retakes middle cap point but with 8 seconds left on the cap INI gals arrive and secures middle outpost. FC are forced to redeploy back to middle outpost to resecure.

    INI brings up an AMS to Banana buidling and the battle rages back and forth for the rest of the battle until the very end when FC finally secures the base and starts an infil cap on INI home outpost which forces INI to redeploy camp the air with Libs and start a resecure until time runs out.

    In the end it was a very rough 2:1 win to INI, but there were so many outside factors that the end result must be taken with a pinch of salt. Interested in seeing the footage from kidriot and his take on the whole fight, especially the double squad push for Tawrich cap point in round 2.

    gg and thanks to FC for the fight, look forward to a rematch in a more quiet enviroment.
  16. Bape

    I didn't watch it but I saw murdas stream but it probably not the video ur looking for but still=This is future crew vs INI 2 hours long.

  17. AnnPerkins

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    abuse squad deploy and rez nade spam

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  18. Luighseach

    I would really call it a draw the way everything went. I mean their was only a tad bit of interference at Tarwich and not really any on esamir since some of us where trying to keep them away.

    Kinda wish things like this could be on Nexus but I also like how it was. It was also pretty fun to observer from a good distance.(even though they killed me a few times because they might have thought I was interfering) Only reason I found it was because I was fighting them then checked chat and saw that they were preparing a scrim.

    All in all it went well.
  19. RHINO_Mk.II

    Sounds like it was much more interesting than the MLG Bore Report.
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  20. Tav

    As was stated earlier, this was on PTS and subject to the whims of children and those that act like children - not something we would like to promote. KidRiot casting it was pretty last minute and I'm sure everyone involved tweeted out that aspect of it. At least I know we did and I'm sure KR did. Another thing is this was just practice, not any sort of match or even a showcase. The point was about learning and not necessarily winning or losing.

    This next bit is likely going to sound like excuses or whining, but if you would please give me the benefit of the doubt I'd appreciate it. It would be nice to be able to have this sort of practice without it being a big deal. There is only so much you can do, both on live and in-house on PTS, that can let you work on what you actually need to work on. You need to be able to have a rotating roster, have applicants/trials show their stuff. You need to be able to work on tactics, or even have zero strategy going in just to get beat up some to figure out where you are naturally weak (and to reel in the occasional ego). I would rather not broadcast most of this for public record as it very rarely makes you look good to outsiders.

    That being said I am happy that it was actually broadcasted - even though we did have a lot of outside interference (for both teams) and for a lot of it my outfit did not represent itself very well. I have not watched the second half but from all that I heard it was an awesome viewing experience and it's good to show that PS2 can provide entertaining battles. I realize that people range from fiending for a competitive scene to being pretty blase about it, but I imagine most everyone that cares even one iota is overly frustrated when each and every bit of "competitive" viewing is just absolute garbage. Hopefully this was not that.

    I haven't had a debriefing with Furiosus or Pella but thanks to them and the rest of INI for slapping us around a bit and to KidRiot for showing it off.
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