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Discussion in 'Miller (EU)' started by Shinrah, Jan 21, 2013.

  1. pulse

    Well let's see how the new Saron turns out to be.
    I'm not convinced but we'll make it work. And tbh.... as long as i can facemelt infantry with the fury, why use the Saron anyway? :D

    <3 pulse
  2. Shinrah

    Haha yeah, when I read about that in the patchnotes I was like....oh oh. Biggest issue with the vulcan is getting into range, but with a Harasser that´s hardly an issue:>
    Well SRB got reworked, so mby it´s a fair counter now:>
  3. YamiNoTenshi

    That was a typo, it's been reversed so it now fires backwards :)
  4. Pobiega

    Ok, the "Vulcan" was a Vulcan-H, the tiny version that does no damage. I'm ready to join you now.
  5. pulse

    Well at the state of the game the Saron is a big disappointment as well.
    Haven't tried it with the Harasser but using it on the Magrider was sad enough :eek:
    And watch out - VS AI maxes are finally able to kill ****. :>

    <3 pulse
  6. Maciness

    Yellu!, you seems like a bunch of peeps that would fit me like a gloooove..(Ps1 veteran here)
    Ima drop a application tomorrow time for some sleep now ^^
  7. Pobiega

    Bump because the best VS outfit on Miller should be top 5 posts at all times.
  8. YamiNoTenshi

    I wouldn't bump [F] even if they paied me.
  9. pulse

    Thanks! But you are scaring me! ;)


    <3 pulse
  10. Skiptis

    *checks thread for a pulse*

    Ah ok, he's still here.
  11. pulse

    I feel a bump is in place!

    <3 pulse
  12. Skiptis

  13. Skiptis

    sayoko is such signature hipster
  14. pica

    Bump. Also I'd like to plug the Furious-Gaming channel on youtube, I've recently decided to make frequent gameplay video's (1 each week or so), link is in my sig!
  15. YamiNoTenshi

    Furious fapping channel? Sounds weird..
  16. Skiptis

    I finally worked out what the Harasser is good for - moving things.

    The vicinity of the VS VR facility on Miller is now a Lightning / Harasser / Liberator / Flash free zone.
  17. YamiNoTenshi

    It's a bulldozer, rename it to Bullrasser!
  18. Skiptis

    This bump is dedicated to NC who stand on points they can't capture because they have no link spamming taunt.
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  19. pulse

    I like, rofl!

    <3 pulse
  20. pulse

    I like, rofl!

    <3 pulse