Fun with GU11: Being killed repeatedly while inside spawnroom

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by RobotNinja, Jun 24, 2013.

  1. RobotNinja

    Repeatedly, since GU11 was launched (great patch job, love how they launched it with bugs that the testers reported) I have been repeatedly killed by various players while inside spawnrooms. Not next to the shield or on top of the roof but literally in the middle of the spawnroom, killed repeatedly.

    One player, Orbu claims he was below the spawnroom and saw me floating in the sky.

    So either this GU is once again randomly spawning people underneath the world again or we have an endemic of cheating pieces of crap.
  2. HadesR

    Depends on the spawn room .. Small outpost spawns rooms are still free certs to the splash dmg exploiters .. Major spawn rooms then yeah pretty much guarantee it's a hacker.
  3. Fire Works

    Splash damage exploit? Wasnt that fixes many months ago?
  4. Pikachu

    Yesterday I shot the force field of a spawn room a few times with my lightning HE and I got a small damage notification. There was no one around to be seen. Did the damage go through? :S
  5. SpcFarlen

    Its actually and issue due to the client side hit detection. Your in spawn room, the server lags and your ingame body actually moves outside the spawn room (ever see someone shuffle horizontally across the sky then flash back to original position? Thats what it is.. Remember with client side hit detection, if an enemy can shoot you from his perspective, no matter where you are on your side the shot registers and deals damage. A lot of it has been because of server lag and how lag compensation works. It hasnt happened to me, but that is the reason why.
  6. HadesR

    Not at all ... C4, UBGL, HE shells through roof shields , AV turrets etc all still splash Dmg into spawn rooms
  7. Fire Works

    Oh dear... Hope they fix that soon too.
  8. RobotNinja

    I'm not talking about splash damage. I thought I made that clear. I was in the middle of the spawnroom, killed by enemy gunfire, this has happened repeatedly.

    That sounds like the problem there. I think I've seen a few people floating around sporadically myself. And what you described is evidence of just ridiculously bad programming on SOE.
  9. HadesR

    Aha you didn't originally say gunfire .. Tis why I asked if it was an outpost or not, since it's possible to die in the center of those rooms from splash damage through the roof shield .. Also another bug which allows it at times but will not mention that one ..
  10. HonkSam

    Since the update I find myself repeatedly falling through the floor when I spawn. Normally I am able to get out by jumping like a madman or I fall straight through the floor and land in the room beneath.
  11. Snib

    Has always been happening even without cheating. This screenshot is from GU09 or GU10, don't remember:

    And yeah, you can C4 tanks from below ground. Happened to me a few times.
  12. JokeForgrim


    If someone peaks the shield, then the splash damage travels through and kills the people inside.

    Its hard to explain let me try: Small ourpost, 3 tanks outside, 10 heavies shooting rockets through the shield. One guy decides to step halfway out the shield to kill one of the retreating/burning tanks that left direct line of sight. The tanks all spam at him and kill him, the splash damage then hits everyone who was shooting safely from inside spawn room.

    Doesnt have to be a heavy, could be any class, just like a dual burster max peaking the shield to shoot a lib while you repair him from inside, as he passes through the shield you will die to the splash damage.

    The C4 on the outside of the spawn room going through the walls and killing everyone was fixed, then they added this when they "tweaked" the new small outpost spawn rooms. So yeah its a New Splash damage bug, apparently intended this time though.
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  13. Fire Works

    Any bug report up for this that we can vote on to be fixed?
  14. IamDH

    The spawn under the spawn room still exists but just redeploy and its fixed. An MCG once killed me when i was in the spawn room but i just think thats Lagside's issue
  15. Badgered

    Spawn room shields now go down along with pain fields once the SCU is destroyed. This is probably what is killing you. Stop hiding in the spawn room and fight back or just redeploy.
  16. RobotNinja

    Mmmmm...yeah...they should probably fix that.