[Fun Post] why I love my NC brothers...

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  1. DarkStarAnubis

    NSO - Just spawned in a Biolab former teleport points I start to look at the minimap to figure out why can I do to help my fellow NC to capture it.

    An NC looks at me intensely while I scan the map. I have just decided what to do when I am HS'ed. Drop dead.

    The player starts to yell for a Medic first then quickly disappears.

    I start laughing. Clearly is a fresh player, he is not yet accustomed to TKilling.
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  2. The Shady Engineer

    Funniest TK I've seen in the game happened on NC. So we're fighting on this hill on Amerish when a friendly Valk starts circling and asking for a gunner. One of the fellas nearby seems interested and send a few love taps at the Valk. Valk starts landing to pick up the guy but comes in too fast and smooshes him.

    Medic hops out of the Valk and revives the poor fellow. Medic then hops back into the pilot seat, takes off, clips the same guy in the process and TKs him again. Valk then honks the horn and flies away before crashing into the hill side.

    Every faction TK's, but NC turns it into an art form.