[Fun montage] Don't STAB me now!

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by Yamiks, Dec 21, 2014.

  1. Evoo

    I tryouted them , shanked a battle rank 8 max for like 15 min in a game of cat and mouse the bastard killed me with the burster with 10 % hp . Has anyone killed a max with a knife ever ... :D
  2. Acceleratio

    Great work!

    Now while we ARE at queen I'm requesting: "Flash" and "I'm the invisible man"
  3. Yamiks

    multiple times!
  4. Yamiks

    l think about them
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  5. Bape

    I want more videos and it dam well better have this song.
  6. SirStressALot

    I cant believe that in some scenes no one saw you. You were in a group of a about 5-6 or more guys. You are just running around no one cares. Thats unbelievable. And from the names i see i guess its miller server? :)
  7. Yamiks

    the only one i play in ..so ye u guessed it!
  8. Acceleratio

    He was having a good time ^^
  9. Godling

    Oh c'mon... Flash roads kills, etc while listening to Flash by Queen may just be the most brilliant thing ever! :D
  10. Yamiks

    ye i know the song and im not a fan..or even like it much.. its meh