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Discussion in 'Player Support' started by SgtBlackbird, Jan 1, 2013.

  1. SgtBlackbird

    Ever since the patch my Fullscreen windows mode will not allow any of my other background programs to show in front of the game. For example I use a duel monitor display and i cannot drag A chrome window onto my main screen. Planetside always appears on the top layer. Anyone else find a fix to this?
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  2. SgtBlackbird

  3. Riku

    Yeah, but Ive responded to half a dozen of such threads already, so I'm too lazy.
    I personally just play in Fullscreen. Not so awesome as I need to tab out every two minutes, but oh well.
  4. SgtBlackbird

    can you link me to one of them?
  5. Altijdwat

    I use windowedmode fullscreen and also run 2 monitors and I realy don't have this issue. I do use "Ultramon" to handle 2 monitors (dunno if this answer wil help you but if you dont shoot you always miss^^).
  6. SgtBlackbird

    Nope I downloaded the client it still does the same thing, if i grab wentrilo window or Chrome window and drag it to the main screen it still is overlapped by the main game.
  7. Gasmask51

    I've been searching for PlanetSide 2 on how to make it into window mode, it's complete **** like 1400x1400 resolution and can't go to options!
  8. augrunt

    I too can also confirm this... I used to be able to have applications in front of it such as Firefox or Chrome. Now If I need to access an application that's *behind* PlanetSide 2 even though it is the active application I have to use ALT+ENTER to make PlanetSide 2 Windowed and then ALT+ENTER to bring it back to Fullscreen Windowed once I'm done.

    It'd be nice if they could fix it though so I don't have to do that, because that's what it was before the Game Update #1
  9. augrunt

    Temporary Fix...

    Based on the above, it seems they added the option 'AlwaysOnTop' to their executable. We will need to wait for them to remove it but until then - the above code seems to unset it and allow you to Alt+Tab and drag windows on top of PlanetSide in Fullscreen Windowed mode! :)
  10. Kitsune94

    lol you got to it before me.
  11. augrunt

    Figured it had to have been brought up before, I just didn't care til I saw this thread. There are many other things for them to worry about, but this is an easy fix for them. Might as well hit it over the head with the mallet. :p
  12. Kitsune94

    yea. this topic comes up alot. people generally dont bother to look for a previous post though, they just hit new post. kinda why this place is so cluttered and messed up. if people used the search function more, it'd be much cleaner and better kept.
  13. augrunt

    If anyone cares, I made it so that it doesn't loop continuously because I'm a bit of a performance freak.

        IfWinExist, ahk_class GFC_StdWindowClass ;Find Planetside 2
        WinSet, AlwaysOnTop, Off, ahk_class GFC_StdWindowClass ;Disable AlwaysOnTop
    Press: Control+Alt+D whilst PlanetSide 2 is running...
  14. Jakobud

    augrunt is right. The script does not need to loop. You only need to run the script a single time while ps2 is running.
  15. Kitsune94

    Yea, well its a preference thing. I found it easier to just leave it running so that my hands are free for other things. Glad to see its getting use though.
  16. augrunt

    You only need to press it once? lol :p
    Thanks for the fix though! :)
  17. Kitsune94

    yea, but my windows machine has hundreds of hotkeys to simulate linux as well as make coding on windows easier, even with the extra 18 keys from a Logitech-G15 i run out of hotkeys. lol no problem though.
  18. prinses

    Will this ever get fixed by soe?
  19. Tobias


    Jury-rigging it with AHK doesn't count. Come on SOE.
  20. Pella

    Anyone have a fix for this?

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