Full screen windowed can't alt tab since patch

Discussion in 'Player Support' started by gunshooter, Dec 12, 2012.

  1. gunshooter

    So yeah, I can't alt tab properly with FSW since the patch. It just brings up the task bar. Windows 7. Anyone else?
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  2. Riku

    Yeah, same. No point in fullscreen windowed right now I guess o .o
    You can change it to Windowed every time to change tab, but oh well I know it's not comfortable.
  3. SuperManatee

    Until they get it fixed one solution is to use windowed mode and a third party program such as shiftwindow to force it to full screen. Assuming they don't consider that a cheat of course ;)
  4. CzechErface

    I don't believe it's a cheat. It would be the same as having 2 monitors and using the second one to perfectly place the window on one of them. I, for example, can do it with or without utilizing Gamers Window Relocator.
  5. Cybergoblin

    yes, it is screwed up
  6. gunshooter

    anyone fixed this yet, i still can't run fsw
  7. Kitsune94

  8. Dortmunder

    Same problem here for me. Was wanting to do some browsing without logging out. I also stream sometimes so always set games to fullscreen windowed if it's available.

    But trying to bring up another window in front of it doesn't work :(
  9. CzechErface

    This problem still freakin' exists! What the hell?! Using a 3rd party program like AHK is UNACCEPTABLE as a fix! AHK can also be utilized to cheat or gain an advantage on other players, so why would it be okay to employ it here? If SOE decides to ban for this software how will they know which are using it for valid reasons and which are not. -1
  10. Joe_da_cro

    windows key (flag) and d

    thats the shortcut for show desktop works.

    also if for what ever reason you have disabled the windows key for games. when you see the task bar you can right click on it and choose show desktop.

    lastly many games dont alt tab out when in borderless windowed mode. the main reasons why games have borderless windowed mode is for people with multimonitors to be able to switch monitors without alt tabbing out of the game environment to windows then back. also so they can still see the game running while checking something on windows. to me this is working as intended. and to many others who multimonitor