[FSMD]Fire Salamanders are recruiting! (NEW CONGLOMERATE-Cobalt)

Discussion in 'Cobalt (EU)' started by Krantimix, Jun 22, 2021.

  1. Krantimix

    I love planetside and i had some experience while playing it for 4 years and never got bored with its futuristic team based mmo style and i wanted to create this outfit to play in squads and with actual teamwork because its planetside and these things are necessary for a fun play xd. Now to be honest this outfit is not the best one its not even that active with 15-20 people and i dont blame anyone for it i dont play planetside regularly so i dont have time to manage the outfit always or keeping it alive BUT i am active on discord every single day! and its usually much more quick to log in to the game and checking the guild so i really want to create a discord server for it and i really but really need someone to help me while doing it so i am here writing and inviting everyone who reads this.The guild name like i wrote in above [FSMD]Fire Salamanders a Cobalt NC server and link for the discord is https://discord.gg/bextRXUWuS Please consider joining if you want to play with me and hopefully others soon if you are wondering even after reading this in english yes my point is being fully international with english speaking community so dont wait and join wherever you are from!