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  1. Levo

    I was going to write about how I feel NC needs some changes. Then I thought , who gives a Higby. NO one cares.
    I have no problem paying a monthly for a game that I enjoy. I have stopped enjoying this game.
    When some purple or red heavy can shoot me across the room and land perfect head shots I start to wonder if they are hacking or something. So I try red and purple heavies out for myself. It's not me, it's the NC.

    I'm sure there are many of these post. I just wanted to put in my 2 cents worth. I will no longer pay a monthly for this game.

    Devs help the NC:
  2. CorporationUSA

    It is you, the NC is fine.
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  3. Liewec123

    the only thing lacking in the NC is vanguard, but even that is only apparent at long range.
    everything else is comparable, we also have by far the best AV max
  4. Lemposs

    I always feel like the Vanguard is an extremely good tank with the shield and being the most resilient, and I think the problem often occurs because people don't really use it strengths. I certainly have had far better effect with a roaming Vanguard than I ever have with either Prowler or Magrider (Magrider does come close though).
    After the VS got the Vortex on their MAXes, I think they are getting close contest between those two. TR, well they have Fractures...
  5. TheFlamingLemon

    As a vanu main who has made an NC character, it is you. The NC guns are just as accurate and viable as other faction weapons, except maybe in hipfire.
  6. Lemposs

    Have you tried heavy assault on NC? Oh boy, going from VS over to NC on that, is like changing from CoD to ArmA.
  7. CorporationUSA

    Because of the vertical recoil? Just learn to control it and you will have access to some of the most accurate guns in the game.
  8. Lemposs

    Even under control, I would still say most of VS HA arsenal beats NCs, almost no matter what.
  9. Shanther

    One word. Anchor.
  10. Lemposs

    True the Anchor certainly is competitive. Still leaves a lot of the NCs arsenal rather useless.
  11. Reclaimer77

    But I don't have to "learn to control" recoil when I play VS, and my TTK is faster than when I play NC.

    Seems like you're missing the point. While you're busy "controlling" recoil, I'm easily landing more shots to your face. You die first.

    I don't know if people are just being blatantly dishonest or what here. But this is just silly.
  12. Levo

    I knew people were gonna flame! So I went looking at the leaderboards...

    I think they speak for them selfs
  13. Shanther

    Go on...
  14. CorporationUSA

    I don't think you understand what it means to control recoil. It means you compensate for vertical recoil by pulling down on the mouse at the same rate as is pulls up, effectively cancelling it. No one is "busy controlling recoil", they just do it while firing. So no, you aren't landing more shots than me, you are probably missing more if you have a less accurate gun.
  15. JojoTheSlayer

    Only thing that really should be considered Empire wise balance is to Nerf the Orions 0.75 movement multiplier to 0.5 like every other Empire and making NC get a easier to use default LMG (EM6 or even maybe the EM1).
  16. Taemien

    Remove CoF from all factions' weapons while ADS and ironically all the complaints with VS's .75 ADS will go away.

    We'd see a nerf NC trend start up within 5 minutes of the servers being live.
  17. UberNoob1337101

    How to play NC :

    1. Get a good reflex sight you're used to.
    2. Be at least 25/30m away from your opponent unless you're flanking him/he's busy with something else and keep that distance.
    3. Burst in 6-12 shots or 15-20 at close range.
    4. Hackusations.

    You're probably not used to NC weapons, since they're the best at range, but tend to bloom a lot. Just burst your shots and try to control your gun.
  18. Naaahhhhh

    I have played Vanu since Nov 2013 (BR 66) and than i created a NC Char. First time I was shoting with the Gauss Saw i felt bad for the enemy because this weapon was so acurate and hard hitting. I know use the Saw is more difficult than using the Orion. But if you get good at the game and you prefer mid to long range fights NC Weapons are the best of all factions.

    I want also say something about the Orion and the people witch think VS Weapons have no recoil.
    The Orion is a cqc monster (high rate of fire and 0,75 movement speed).
    But just at mid range you will have a hard time against other LMG´s.
    The Flare have also a really high first shot recoil and heavy horizontal shake.
    When i play with the polaris i also have to compensate for the vertical recoil.
    Not as much as for the Gauss Saw but i really dont see a problem with pulling youre mouse a little bit more down if you play NC.
  19. FieldMarshall

    You should try playing VS/TR up to like BR40-50.
    Every faction thinks their own faction sucks at something and that the other two have it so easy.
    Some complaints are justified, but its mostly just a "grass is always greener" complex.
    Trying all 3 lets you enjoy the faction you really want to play without having to doubt your choice.
  20. TheFlamingLemon

    I love the Gauss saw. Much better than orion in my opinion, the thing SLAUGHTERS at a range and still kills well close up if you don't miss. The orion can be effective too but it's much less fun to use and it doesn't do the same damage.