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  1. OneWhoPokes1

    NC player on Waterson, high rank...first time on the forums and will most likely be the last, dont want to get sucked into the forum trolls to much.

    I am of the opinion that the TR and the Vanu complain so much about the NC that the NC gets ripped on the new GU's to take anything that we have and make it increasingly frustrating to use. The Enforcer ml85 has been nerfed twice now, it can no longer one hit infantry, but does good damage to armor....yet the Saron can still spam, and while the Vulcan may not have the "range" as an Enforcer/Saron, the range that this game brings players into allows it to be more useful.

    The TR mini chain gun.....really? The thing has lower recoil than my EM1, yet fires faster on a faction that has a lower CoF....the TR T9 Carv....again, NC may have "range", yet CoF nullifies that "range" and allows any TR with it to pump every round down range with realitive accuracy and precision. And "God Saw" my ****...

    Hacksaw maxes were nerfed because they were OP in Biolabs, yet Biolabs make up only a small percentage of the game. Yet TR Mercy and Fracture have yet to be when they have the range and firepower that is needed over the rest of each continent. The NC Max useless shield?

    Can anyone provide any somewhat plausible reason why Vanu weapons can lock on when they dont fire an actual warhead? (Rant here, but really? ;p )

    Vanu Scythe being able to take down a healthly Liberator by ramming into with its underside because the entire underside is classified as landing gear?

    Vanu Lashers projectile speed?

    No one, in my opinion, should be able to "drop" C4 as a light assault when every other class has to "place" it. If they can fly with it, than other classes should be able to throw it...and now the light assault can jump from the Crown to TI Alloys in a single bound faster than they already could do before?

    The Reavers Vortek cannon being nerfed to bring it "more in line" with the other ESF's weapons....yet the Reavers speed/agility/hitbox hasnt been adjusted to bring it "more in line" with the other ESF's?

    Vanu snipers dont have bullet drop? Point and click much?

    And the TR Striker....TR airspace was off limits before it was buffed, now the projectiles can avoid mountains/hills/buildings and remain locked? How about maintaining a line of sight? Or only have 1 clip? Everyone knows that was the majority of the TR is carrying as a Heavy.....

    And all the NC nerf is under the TR and Vanu (on Waterson at least) opinion that the "NC is OP" and that we cant do anything unless we have a 2:1 pop advantage....? Cant be both TR and Vanu, sp what is it?

    I will continue to play NC and have fun shotting down cocky Mosquitos and Scythes, and I fully expect massive flamming coming in no time.

    Happy hunting NC.
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  2. Eclipson

    I stoped reading when you said the MCG was OP. Especially when you compared it to the EM1, which many NC say is your worse LMG. You may have some other "good" points, but after that, I doubt it. :rolleyes:

    Lol, got bored so I read the rest. Obvious Troll post. Maybe a 2/10 since I didn't realize immediately.
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  3. llPendragon

    You are right on the main point, no matter what the differences of opinion on the sub-points. NC is being nerfed into the ground. There is not a single category that NC wins, and it comes in 3rd as often as VS comes in first(i.e. A lot). NC has nothing going for it, and it looks like more nerfs are coming. I would bet all 74 of my levels that NC won't be competitive again for 3-4 months.
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  4. Bill Hicks

    Still rather be NC. We're the underdogs, let them have their easy mode.
  5. soeguud

    And the dejected "nobody loves me" faction, thereby magnifying our image as underdogs and therefore awesome. Like emo Space Marines.
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  6. Hantak

    I think people overestimate how much forums influence an entire development team's opinion on what changes should or shouldnt be made.

    Development teams usually have a pre conceived idea of how the game should be played, and how X element can be countered (hard and soft counters) by Y element. More importantly, they heavily rely on data to point the direction where changes should be made, IE. if weapon A is being prefered 6 times out of 10, then maybe B weapon needs to be buffed, or weapon A needs a small nerf.
    I do get the impression that planetside2 development team follows the same ideas, but they do wait a tad more, even with hard data avaible, to make changes since they expect the "metagame" to evolve. (this is what i said its a preconceived idea of how the game should be played. IE, the VS lasher)

    All players from the different factions complain at some point of what the other faction has that feels so broken and unfair, sometimes things are not on a even playing field, but most times it just requires a different approach.
    Keep in mind usually those that complain the most and adapt the less are the ones that are very vocal regarding what they feel needs to be nerfed or buffed, just dont pay that much attention to what seems to be the "daily fad" on the forums and play the game, have fun and try to improve.
  7. Bill Hicks

    omg you unraveled the human psyche ! but then again your statement reinforces your self image as a astute outsider who needs to correct the world.
  8. Owleyes

    Boy..... I wonder what NC would do if they did the same damage as the other Empires?

    Don't worry, Just keep on QQn instead of enjoying your extra damage and they'll nerf VS for you.
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  9. NietCheese

    I don't think the disparity is that great against the Vanu. ZOE Maxes have been pulled into line. But NC vs TR, the TR have the advantage in so many respects.

    Playing TR is like playing on an easier difficulty level. It may have something to do with population levels, perhaps they want more people to choose TR.
  10. NeverWas

    i suggest you go try out other faction's weaponry before coming here.

    80% of your post are invalid due to pure assumption.
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  11. TheFullCologne

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  12. TribbleFluffer

    i's got cra* compared to the other two, i have an account on all three factions now...VS is the noob faction, TR only requires minor skill, while NC requires major skill.
    VS has practically 0 recoil on their rifles
    TR has a bit of recoil but hardly any.
    yesterday i played for the first time as a TR, redeployed to the warpgate from my newborn position...whent out hunting alone on foot as a light assault. man...i was ripping NC to shreads left and right, im a BR2 FFS i shouldn't be killing BR 40's who are P2W members and fully upgraded!? i mean i only died like 5 times in 2 hours and killed handfuls of NC with that single, LA who has ZERO in the way of any certed equipment.

    VS is the same, if not worse, 1 hour 1 death and like 38 kills single handedly with non upgraded rifles... you tell me thats not op an i'm gona slug you. :mad:

    edit: wheres as an NC im cut down every other kill, usally ending up dying multiple times ina row to the same people without ever getting a vengeance or even a assist
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  13. Marked4Death

    Wow, OP is "high rank" but never even played other factions.....
  14. DashRendar

    Well I agree NC is in a bad spot. Lack of new items worth buying while our enemies bathe in that new gear smell while most of the NC's old tried and true things received uncalled for nerfs these past 5-6 GU... but I don't agree with a majority of your list, a little less than half of your complaints are just straight wrong, and I know this because I do play the other factions. Although I also know from playing other factions just how nice some of their things really are :p
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  15. Yerk

    TR has had 40% population the last 2 days. The NC being 33%, the rest being Vanu. it's funny as soon as NC was about to win the Tech Plant alert, the NC world population shot up to 40% :eek: lol

    /story of Waterson

    NC are still badass at Waterson despite NC being nerfed to the ground and VS being buttcheek pampered. As for the TR, their broken Strikers (hits through terrain), OP fractures and Prowler AI HE will be toned down eventually, it's only a matter of time.

    Vanu nerf will probably take months unless Mattherson completely dies (if its' not dead already...)
  16. soeguud

    No.. my statement reinforces my experience as a Briggs NC player being constantly mashed by weapon balance magnifying the impact of sheer mass from the other factions.
  17. Xasapis

    I can understand your frustration op, when you have so many misconceptions about how things work on the other side of the fence.
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  18. HonkSam

    I say delete ALL differences between the three fractions and make them ALL the same.

    But then again ... even then people would find a way to be racist ... I guess they just want to be ...
  19. TheBillOf3D

    Enforcer ml85, that pisses me off. Rocket launcher with no splash damage. It's now just a good sniper gun that can ping tanks. Please god, make tank drivers give secondaries zoom optics. 1.5x all I need.
  20. Xasapis

    Didn't non VS always wanted a saron? Well, you people got one now (some would say it's even better).