Front / side armor on Lightning

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  1. Jake the Dog

    Not really though, I offered a suggestion of similar roles, minus the skyguard the prowler serves the role of AP lightning better than the AP lightning. Granted the lightning has one positive of having a lower silhouette, but to a good gunner its not much of a difference. And btw Im assuming you're TR because you didn't display prowler numbers. The Liberator however requires a much MUCH different playstyle.
  2. Jake the Dog

    My other point being that the only thing that really separates the lightning from the MBTs is being a little faster, but with a lot less health.
  3. BengalTiger

    Showing the sides you give the enemy a larger target to shoot.
    Much larger.

    My suggestion is go with frontal armor, and only show frontal armor to return fire. More shots will miss, those that won't will do less damage.
  4. PinkHurtsMyEyes

    Well he kinda did - as you are not a BR10 you know this really is about playstyle. If you want to just sink as much damage as possible it's the front. But as have been mentioned the lighthing front is a relative small target, you cant "tank" a MBT so going for the side can be viable for a couple of reasons: it will mean a side hit is less disastrous - the side is a bigger target and unarmoured quite soft. If your style is really using the lightnings speed for circling, flanking, kiting - you will probably benefit more from side armour as this will be more exposed. If you intend to sit on a hilltop shelling MBT's with AP from a "safe" distance with max zoom then front armour is probably the best. It's always relative in this game...
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  5. Fortress

    His answer was don't use either because they suck, and you're better off with NAR/Stealth in any situation. Also, stop being a ***** when you actually get decent advice, moron.
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  6. FBVanu

    To the OP

    My answer is NEITHER!

    The additional small percentage of armor is lower than the extra quick repair you gain from Fire Suppression.

    I have my lightnings maxed with Racer, Fire Suppression and Proxy Radar...
    The fire suppression has saved my hide far more often than any extra armor (which I used to run before)
    At a max level it adds something like 12% back to your vehicle's health, in 5 seconds..
    No additional armor adds that much extra health to the vehicle.

    The proxy radar saves me from C4 fairies

    Good luck to you.
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  7. \m/SLAYER\m/

    moving with zerg = facing enemy = frontal armor
    going to flank = side armor
  8. PinkHurtsMyEyes

    This is all good except, he asked for opinions rgd. armour and nothing else. It was clearly stated in the post, AND FS is probably a better option, but it costs a lot more - an early cert option for more damage resistance is armour.

    Going for FS is probably not viable until you can cert a certain level of it. I've not done the math as I cant be arsed and I don't know at what level FS superseeds the extra armour. As his tests illustrate going armour is definately going to help him tank some more damage.

    FS 4 repairs 12% of the tank - that translates to 360 health. Side armour mitigates 15% of incoming damage, but I don't know how it stacks with resistances and I don't know the current resistance values. Anyways - side armour is cheaper than max level FS, how well it compares I do not know - but FS will give you 12% health back regardless of where you've been hit - so it gives you more health from all directions.
  9. ColonelChingles

    I dunno. If someone says that they did the math and SMGs seem great for long-range work, and then ask which SMG they should use for long-range work, wouldn't we step in and tell them that SMGs aren't good for long-range work and that there are better options out there?
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  10. radrussian2

    this question is kind of redundant i think. the question isn't which to choose, its which one are you gonna get. either one will cause you to play a little different. obviously if you have side armor then you are going to position yourself to get hit in the side and the same for front armor. its completely subjective.
  11. Doc Jim

    My usual defence slot is NAR except on the Sunderer (I run ammo) and on the Lightning. On the Lightning I went for the side armour because the vehicle's hull looks FUGLY without side armour. When I use side armour I don't really care where I take hits from as long as it isn't in the rear.
  12. Appalachian

    I can't believe people are still trying to help you as snotty as your responses are. Is it really so hard to scroll past answers you don't like. Takes alot less effort than replying like a douch.
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  13. actionpark

    Hmm....Actually i would like to know more about how FS interacts/stacks with extra armor?

    I have both. Front armor and maxed FS. I just figured this would be the most 'tanky' setup possible for the lightning (dumb idea maybe, but hey...) Now I still need the last level of reload for AP-gun, but I must say I feel this setup surprises many enemies.

    Rival helps me always have front to enemy.

    And now i need help form you guys : Im thinking Front Armor lets me live 1 or 2 shots longer, and maxed FS lets me live 1 or maybe 2 shot MORE? That is the 'plan' but im not sure about the maths, I just play by feel.

    Am I mistaken about this : Is Fire-Suppression and Extra Armor a good mix?

    I dont claim to beat 2/2 mbt's with this but 1/2's are viable in my experience (situational of course) and I demolish any other lightning I encounter.
  14. SerasVic

    FS 'll make you survive one more shot most of the time but i don't think you 'ld survive 2 more
  15. Zapon

    so what, you stop and go, back and forth, sideways? What stops mr enemy AP racer lightning from just running up to you and shooting you
  16. task_master

    Me having a health advantage that they can't outmaneuver. Usually they try to circle duel me but I just turn for ez win.
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  17. Zapon

    ...might have to try out Rival then, as circle duels are difficult for me to carry out...... hm....
  18. actionpark

    Yeah i agree. Enemies coming from the front trying to rush past or on my flank are just like candy. Im always thankful when somebody tries this because they go down so much faster.

    What always happend: With rival I turn front (extra armored) towards them in a split second (much faster than they expect), while they expose the side to me. Free kill with barely any damage taken.
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  19. Goretzu

    I think it is like Rival/Racer there is no right/wrong answer, as it depends on how you play and what you want.

    Tbh I think I'd prefer rear armour than either, because that's where I tend to get hit when I lose a Lightning (although my biggest killer tends to be hills :eek: ).
  20. actionpark

    Hm yeah..seems so. Just tried for the first time to calculate vehicle damage, hope its correct.

    So against AP magrider:

    Lightning health with Fire Suppression - 3360

    FPC damage 1865
    (- damage resistance (75% with front armor)
    + FPC dmg boost against lightning (20%))

    = 559.8 dmg pr shot

    Accumulated damage:

    #1 559.8 dmg - 2800.2 health remaining
    #2 1111.19 dmg - 2240.4 health remaining
    #3 1679.4 dmg - 1680.6 health remaining
    #4 2239.2 dmg - 1120.8 health remaining
    #5 2799 dmg - 561 health remaining
    #6 3358.8 dmg -1.2 health remaining (DEAD withouth max FS)
    #7 DEAD

    One more shot....hmm.

    Edit: ha ha derp..sigh