Front loading cert benefits

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  1. Ronin Oni

    Some certs already do this.

    Others do not.

    What I mean is that the first rank on some cert lines give you a reasonable slot for use (many certs compete for a slot, so grabbing more than 1 in a single slot option doesn't allow stacking too many benefits) while others have their entire effectiveness spread out evenly over multiple ranks.

    Even worse, some of these aren't even really worth slotting until you get a few slots in.

    I think that front loading benefit in a cert slot is actually a good thing because it allows players to quickly become formidable in a specialization, while providing seasoned veterans (who gain advantage through familiarity and skill alone) and edge with their extended cert lines.

    Chime in and bump if you agree this should be proliferated across all the tiered cert lines :)
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  2. forkyar

  3. Stellus

    As an example, you're suggesting that instead of the player being forced to choose between anti-tank mineguard or blockade armor for a Sunderer, that the two should be combined into one cert line? Just making sure I understand what you're getting at.

    An idea could be that you can combine cert lines into one with a stat penalty reducing each line's improvement by half. Voila, you've given Planetside depth. I like where you're going with this.
  4. Kurreah

    Which cert lines are you thinking of specifically?
    SOE already front-loads most cert lines in terms of effect-per-cert quite heavily.
  5. Ghodere

    Actually, what he meant was that, for example, Vehicle Stealth makes you not show up on the minimap on the first rank and gives a small increase to lock-on time. Additional ranks increase the lock-on time increase. You get most of the benefit at the first rank, yet all of the ranks still give additional benefit.

    The prime example of a cert that is not front-loaded is the Prowler's Deploy; at first level, your reload time is decreased by 12% and you get 10% additional shot velocity. For the trade-off of being stationary, this is junk, pure and simple. Absolutely not worth equipping the cert until you're at least level 3, and only a really competitive option at level 4 (1800 certs!)
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  6. Rognik

    No, not at all. He's suggesting that more certs should be "front-loaded" in the sense that the first rank should give more of a benefit than subsequent ranks. An example of this would be composite armor on an ESF, where the first rank gives you +10% resistance and each subsequent rank only gives you +5% resistance.

    I agree.
  7. Phazaar

    I'd rather see them increase customisation, such that you get an amount of 'points to spend' on each loadout.

    You could get two levels in Racer Airframe and one in Hover Stability, or try out using both Flares and Scout Radar but being particularly effective at neither.

    I wouldn't mind if this was set up in a way to completely negate the slots in fact; cert out max Racer, Hover and Dogfighting and have a reaver that almost flies properly, except you're unable to use Flares or Composite armour.

    I'd also like to see the effectiveness of increases in rank be uniform across the board. So at level 1, you receive 5% X, at level 2, 10% etc.

    To take Vehicle Stealth as an example, I'd remove the front-loading altogether. Right now it stops you appearing on Radar, and lets say Radar range is 200m. Level 1 does 40m, level 2, 80, then 120, 160 and 200 at level 5.

    It is difficult with Prowler because the special introduces a weakness, but I can't think of a way around this. Sorry TR!
  8. Ronin Oni

    No, in both cases they are a single cert for the entire line.

    I'm talking about multiple ranks on a single cert line. Some are set up to basically provide the main benefit on the first rank... with a minor improvement to it that gets better at an equal amount per rank.

    In other cases the raw ability itself is less worthy, and it's the incremental increases that gives it real value.

    The best example I can think of is MBT ES abilities, where 1st rank shield or magburner both offer the primary goal of the cert line right away, and become usable more often with heavy investment. Deploy on the other hand is inversed... being nearly detrimental at 1st rank and only even really worth it at 2nd rank, with the real value not seen until rank 3 and beyond.

    But it exists in other places as well. radar for example has it's usefulness significantly restricted at rank 1 by it's incredibly short range. At rank 2 it actually reaches far enough to be of real use, and further ranks only make it even better. Conversely Flares offer it's primary benefit right up front... flat out automatic dodge of lockon with a set 5 second immune to follow up attempts. Further ranks only increase it's potential frequency.

    There are a number of cert lines like this, what I propose is to, where appropriate, shift more of the benefit to the first rank, and splitting the remainder of the max benefit equally among the follow up ranks.
  9. ent|ty

    I'm worried just how much of an increase to my 'fixing' ability of my Engineer when I add the last tier for a whopping 500 Certs.
    If it only increases my repairing by 1 unit on the scale before it overheats, i'm going to be pissed.

    The HA Nanite shield is the same, they front load the benefits, but then the last 1000 Certs only gains you 5% health. Diminishing returns for Certs invested.
  10. Ronin Oni

    Why? Just don't spend that 1000 cert point upgrade until you're ready for it.

    It would still be just as much of an increase as level 4 was from 3 (assuming 5 rank cert line).

    The only thing I'm suggesting is providing more benefit on the 1st rank (and 1st rank only, splitting the remaining benefit equally among following ranks) in cert trees where the primary benefit is not frontloaded already.