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  1. Arsonix

    Turning chat off of cross faction defeats the point. In every game that has it the point is so that you can hear when someone nearby is calling out your position if they somehow get close enough to hear it. It would be like disabling enemies from hearing you when you press the spot key by checking a box in settings. Doesn't matter though because people would just work around it by using squad chat and if SOE saw that coming and made all chat cross faction based on proximity then people would just use teamspeak or other VOIP programs

    This is a bad idea.
  2. Duskmelt

    I love the idea of cross-faction proximity voice :D. It'll heighten the suspense of indoor/urban fights.
  3. Tommyp2006

    Oh man I would have so much fun with this
  4. Lenox

    To me, cross-faction proxy chat would be cool. I'd love it if it was build in a similar fashion to Resistance and Liberation's proxy chat. How it worked was the further you were away from the person with their mic on the quieter they were. The only proxy chat in that game was cross-faction, and if me and my buddies wanted to be stealthy we had to actually whisper.
  5. Lazaruz

    Current prox chat has it's uses and should stay the way it is. However I can see some fun with an additional prox chat between factions, just make a new voice channel for it. That way muting it becomes an easier choice as well.

    Everyone wins! :) ...except the CS people who will be drowning in "harassment" reports.
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  6. andy_m

    I'm divided on this.

    Like some say, the ability to now spout abuse at the enemy would not be that great. At least with the /yell abuse you can ignore it.

    But then I've often thought, it would be nice to say to my assailant, after he has so artfully taken me down, "nice one there dood!"
  7. Camycamera

    as long as there is an option to turn it off, i'll be fine with it. it'll be hilarious.
  8. ZomboWTF

    I can only imagine the awesomness of killing someone as a stalker infiltrator saying "shhh, don't be afraid" just before you cap him xD
  9. Ironclad Lion

    Oh look, it's the forum freaking out again.

    You people realize that most of the 'toxic' randoms don't even know how to use proximity voice chat? This is a non issue and I think it enhances immersion. Since you are just yelling to the people around you and not into a com, it makes sense that the enemy can hear you.

    I think it's a nice little change and I'm sure many funny moments will come of it.

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  10. RHINO_Mk.II

    I don't care as long as I can mute all enemies and also not broadcast to enemies on the rare occasions I use prox chat. If it's permanently on then I'll simply mute prox and never use it.
  11. iller

    This thread leads me to believe there are people who didn't even know they COULD turn specific channels off :eek:

    A lot of people did that long ago so you're kinda beating a dead horse at this point since if someone really want to troll you with sound clips through it prior to this, they usually switched to an Alt character and followed you around doing it. This change basically streamlines that entire process so they don't switch, and you get XP for continuing to gank them as opposed to a weapons lock.

    That's a win / win for everyone. Especially bored bystanders.
  12. Scorponok

    haha i say go for it...i got voice muted anyway so i cant hear either faction..because i cant stand potato mics and mic i avoid it all by having it off.
  13. Noktaj

    My guess... everybody and his grandmother would turn it off immediately...
    you would be talking to yourself or to the computer-impaired BR1 that don't know he can turn it off.

    What's the poin of implementing something most of people won't even use?
    Shouldn't they focus on fixing the gorram game? :confused:
  14. Huishe

    I liked it back when it was possible, i will like it again.
  15. stalkish

    There is a way to do this, just press 'numpad enter' and it will instantly mute anyone who is talking.

    On subject:
    I personaly dislike the idea of cross faction proxy for two reasons:

    1) Purpose
    It serves no purpose what-so-ever other than to troll and abuse enemy players. Thats not the sort of gaming environment that i want to play in, its bad enough that you get accused of hacking everytime you kill some1, i dont want to hear 'i hope your mum gets cancer' down proxy from some pre-teen kid ive just killed.

    2) Balance
    It also affects balance, say your in a stealth vehicle, and you have a random gunner who youve been coordinating with on proxy chat. Sneaking up on a vehicle and discussing when to engage would no longer be possible since anyone with 1/18th of a brain will hear you. Most of the time when flanking in a tank youll see an enemy vehicle, often quite close, but you wouldnt yet be ready to engage. Now normaly id say, for example, ''prowler ahead get ready to open fire'', in the proxy chat while i position our tank optimally, or say ''dont shoot yet'' if its a new gunner and i dont want our position given away. With this change simply talking to my gunner would give away my position.

    There also infiltrating to consider. If you a stalker infil and your deep in enemy territory and you happen to stumble across another stalker cloaker of your empire, you can no longer discuss your actions on proxy chat, no longer discuss locations of enemies and your plans for ambush, no longer discuss ammo reserves like mines or motion spotters, no longer can you say to a fellow infil, ''thers 3 troops and a max around that corner, i wouldnt go there''.

    In a supposedly team oriented game removing the ability (or the want) for allied players to communicate between themselves is a bad idea. ''Dont use proxy chat for tactics then'' i hear you say. Not communicating with your allies at all is even worse for a team oriented mmo.
  16. Diilicious

    theres human player voice chat in this game? thank god i've had it muted forever. i dont want to hear people speaking in my head side with their girly voices, or all kinds of random languages.

    what I do think the game needs though is more automated voice speach.

    like the way command and conquer renegade does it by binding faction only audible voice commands to control and alt, or both combined when pressed with a number key.

    ctrl + 1 = Building needs repairs!
    ctrl + 2 = Get in the vehicle!
    ctrl + 3 = Get out of the vehicle!
    ctrl + 4 = Destroy that vehicle!
    ctrl + 5 = Watch where your pointing that!
    ctrl + 6 = Don't get in my way!
    ctrl + 7 = Affermative
    ctrl + 8 = Negative
    ctrl + 9 = Im in position.
    ctrl + 0 = Enemy Spotted!

    alt + 1 = Attack the base defences!
    alt + 2 = Disable the base generators!
    alt + 3 = Assault the control points!
    alt + 4 = Attack the Tech Plant!
    alt + 5 = Attack the Amp Station!
    alt + 6 = Protect the base defences!
    alt + 7 = Defend the base generators!
    alt + 8 = Defend the control points!
    alt + 9 = Attack the Tech Plant!
    alt + 0 = Defend the Amp Station!

    ctrl+alt + 1 = I need Repairs!
    ctrl+alt + 2 = Take the point.
    ctrl+alt + 3 = Move out.
    ctrl+alt + 4 = Follow me.
    ctrl+alt + 5 = Hold position.
    ctrl+alt + 6 = Cover me.
    ctrl+alt + 7 = Take cover.
    ctrl+alt + 8 = Fall back
    ctrl+alt + 9 = Return to base.
    ctrl+alt + 0 = Destroy it now!
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  17. MrJengles

    I don't see any upsides to this. For quick "well played" comments I already send tells to enemies, and if a fight is really fun everyone can complement the other team in /yell.

    Downsides are immediately obvious: more **** talking, and people are penalized for using proxy to coordinate with players not in their squad, meaning it's used even less for positive reasons.

    If this were about intercepting enemy comms if you get close enough then why are squads, as the most likely to communicate, left out of this? And if you treated all comms the same, it wouldn't work anyway as everyone would migrate to third party VOIP.
  18. Verviedi

    I begin just about every Proxy chat order with "Hey, bads!" so this will not be a problem.
  19. gloowa

    To all that oppose this:

    1) Instead of changing current, make new proxy - cross-faction proxy
    2) add "disable receiving cross-faction proxy" in settings, enabled by default (meaning by default you will not receive it)

    TA-DA! All problems solved. Those who want, have. Those who do not want, do not have.

    Just because YOU don't see use in some functionality, doesn't mean it shouldn't be there as an option for those who do see use in some functionality.
  20. iller

    Hate "Tells" already exist. They're often a highlight of people's days if you look at the ones gleefully posted to Forumside over the years
    It seems to be a rite of passage for tryhards...

    As for people who use proxy to "coordinate" .... they're delusional. #1 HLS quality is notoriously bad b/c it's piggy backing off SOE's already overtaxed world servers. #2 Teamspeak handles compression & ducking so much better and lets you coordinate specifically with people who are there to coordinate with other people. Not even pub squads have enough people in them who are there to WORK TOGETHER. Pub Squads are literally the School of Fish mentality, a safety mechanism based on Cannon-Fodder-Lottery to improve one's own survival rate. The people in proxy chat most of the time don't even rise to that level of cooperation so anyone who thinks they're giving "ProTips" on the go that way, were only talking to themselves from the get-go.
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