Friends list and Outfit members are empty

Discussion in 'Player Support' started by BR4DDERS, Jan 9, 2013.


    After the latest hotfix my friends list is empty so is the list of outfit members.

    Server: Miller
  2. Hanno

    I have same problem! 10 minutes back i log in game and find i dont have no more friends my friend list:(Why??? And yes server are Miller.
  3. Freakazoid

    same on lithcorp
  4. basejumplexy

    Same on Mallory :(:mad:

    Invite Friends again --> playername invalid

    Now lonewolf or what?

    "Forever alone" :D
  5. Stubacca

  6. Faeruszorander

    same on briggs, happened right after new hotfix, first thing i tried to do when getting into the game was start my squad, i also get the playername invalid on everyone, not just previous friendlist members, cant even invite my housem8's char., anyone got any leads? makes this game extremely difficult having to go soloXD
  7. iNSID3

    There is a similar topic:
    There is a fix:


    Its funny how the US servers are unaffected.

    My outfit members are back but my friends list is still empty. :(
  10. Seranity

    Still empty Friendslist... :-(
  11. Chezze

    have you ever consider that every friend and outfit member jsut dont like you anymore
  12. pZiuz

    I have the same issue. Hope we will get em back. Outfit listing is working properly now.
  13. Niv

    Also Miller player my friend list got clean while my other friends didn't got affected by this bug, and no way i be able to add some friends since some of them had crazy names.
    when it will be fix since this is not the first time this bug happen?
  14. TSR AlexS Customer Service

    Looking into this guys. In the meantime, try the following to possibly fix your friends list issue.

    Run your Planetside 2 Launchpad and log in, but do not press play. Click on the Advanced Tools icon (looks like a hexagon surrounding a wrench) in the lower left and then choose the option to open game directory. In the window/folder that comes up, locate and delete the following files


    Once these files are deleted, close the Planetside 2 window/folder and go back to the Launchpad > Advanced Tools/Settings menu. Click on the Validate Game Assets menu option and then press the green Validate button to have the Launchpad check your game files, and download any missing or corrupt files.
  15. Dealon

    Not working for me. :(
  16. pZiuz

    Netiher it did for me. :(
    But now i have the joy of configuring my game inputs etc. all over again... :D
  17. dirtYbird

    Yeah no entries in the Friends list now, at least the Outfit tab works again.
  18. pZiuz

    Any news with this issue?
  19. jiggaaa

    push !

    on ceres no friendlists,

    please GM's this is a serious issue

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