Friendly icons showing red on the main map

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by Oheck, Apr 19, 2013.

  1. Oheck

    Title says it all. Anyone else experiencing this? The mini map is displaying the correct faction colors. Only ones on the main map that is properly colored are squadies.
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  2. RomulusX

    Yup, TR-Red...VS-Purple..NC-Blue on mini map. I change my colors so TR is green and VS/NC is red lol so being surrounded by red all the time throws me off :(
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  3. Candyballz

    I'm having the exact same issue, I tried posting on the bugs forum but apparently my post went live on page 92 or some crap, because I can only find it in my post history. If its not on the first 10 pages, I'm gonna guess no one from Sony is gonna see it.

    The map is set to Empire Specific colors, and I use the Enemy Vs. Ally color scheme for my HUD. This is very, very annoying! I was guessing it was just a bug, something overriding the command to match map colors with HUD colors. Then, with today's hotfix, it wasn't addressed. It wasn't even mentioned. So either Sony doesn't know, or it was deliberate.

    Gonna show up and bump this a bunch hoping it gets some attention. The first map color changes annoyed me, because I couldn't keep the friendly capture points red and friendlies troops blue, like it was in beta. Then they made it so you couldn't display all 3 menus on the map at the same time, even though there is a ton of unused space on the map. Now they flip the map colors altogether, and don't say a word about it. You'd think I'd be used to this by now.
  4. Candyballz

    Annnd bump. We cant be the only 3 people who use enemy/ally
  5. Candyballz

    Another Bump! Still red, still crappy.
  6. vulkkan

    Bump, same issue. I was so confused looking at the map, because it looked like all friendly-controlled capture points were held by the enemy.
  7. Crazy Airborne

    yeah it has nothing to do with your hud settings, the main map is just showing empire colors now. definitely wierd when going from the map back to minimap and having all the colors change!
  8. AtroposZero

    Some settings either aren't working at all or aren't saving across sessions for me. The new "reverse tank controls" isn't persistent across sessions (annoying, since I highly prefer it and wish they didn't change the default to something else), and the empire-specific colors, which I hate, are basically locked to that setting and changing it doesn't work.
  9. bobzebrick

    Yeah the way they keep changing this is so stupid. Red on one map blue on another, pretty simple thing to get right SOE, just be consistent.
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  10. Candyballz

    Back to the top! Cmon, Sony, help us out.
  11. vastaitku

    The bugs subforum is by default ordered by the amount of likes the threads have received, unlike all the other subforums where the ordering is done based on the timestamp of the latest reply. So the first pages are full of ancient threads that have garnered a lot of likes throughout their long lifespan, while new threads get buried away so nobody sees them unless they manually change the ordering.
  12. Kujo

    I REALLY want an option to have it exactly how it used to be in beta/post-release where all the objective symbols on the map are faction colored(red/blue/purple), while all infantry symbols on the map and HUD are blue(friendly) and red(enemy).

    I don't know why they felt the need to take this away from everyone when they added in these other setups. The VS give me the most trouble with this because purple is now a squad color, so I can't use default faction colors while I'm in a platoon. For now, I've got VS as pink, but it's still somewhat similar to TR red.
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  13. Andy79

    that particular forum is not ordered by time, but you can click 'last message' in the column title to sort it new
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  14. hellaskan

    TR- Every time I want to deploy.. I'm looking down at red vehicles, mini map shows blue.. and I'm just confused.
    I just want a universal toggle "red = bad" "blue = good"
    keep it that way on BOTH maps.. such an unneeded change... who let this happen?? I demand satisfaction and a snapple!
  15. Nimvalz

    This NEEDS to be adressed, like right now!, this is hotfix material SOE, It's getting ridiccolous.
  16. St0mpy

    Playing TR I decided to go with TR = Red VS = light purple NC = light blue and havnt noticed a thing
  17. applepienation

    My allies weren't too happy when they got a spinal-column full of Rockets from my mossie.

    Please fix it.
  18. Exolon

    These two images were taken a couple of seconds apart (minimap on the left, map screen on the right). See if you can work out whether I'm attacking or defending this techplant.


    Is that a friendly Lightning sneaking up from the south-east... or am I about to get a HEAT shell in the ear? :eek:

    These are my colour settings:
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  19. Zotamedu

  20. hellaskan

    I'm glad you posted that. thanks!