[Suggestion] Friendly Fire Calculation

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  1. strove

    Weve all either been in or seen these scenarios:

    Youre an engineer, you set up your turret in a prime spot... Over the next 10 mins, every smooth brain on your team either runs infront of you mid fire or slowly strafes infront of you. You do your best to limit friendly fire but one bullet each time hits a friendly and after a time, you get your weapons locked

    Youre a vehicle, you lose traction and end up squishing an ally, you use the voice commands to say sorry. These things happen, no big deal. The ally in question spawns in with 2 sticks of C4 and kills you, no accident, no misunderstanding. Straight teamkilling

    At this point id suggest a slight redesign of the friendly fire calculation to weigh more heavily in punishing those who did high % damage to a single ally and less for hitting 10 people with a single bullet each. It would make the genuine team killers recieve a punishment sooner and the accidental stray bullet in a genuine situation be less punished.
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  2. ZDarkShadowsZ

    Yes. Yes. Yes. Yes many times. Sometimes it's 100% my fault because I'm driving somewhere vehicles aren't usually expected, but sometimes, not so much.

    I've ended up flattening teammates when going off-road because I was slipping down the side of a hill (I'm sure we've all been there with the Harasser), and they'd taken it upon themselves to run up to my vehicle to try and get in.

    I've even been driving on the road, where vehicles are to be expected most, when I've accidentally crushed a teammate because he was stood in the middle of the road and he didn't render fast enough for me. I'd V8 a few times and leave, but it wasn't enough. I would then receive angry messages about how I should 'watch where I drive'.

    Thankfully I've never been weapons locked, but there have been times where it's come close.
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  3. TRspy007

    Game logic:

    A rando walks in front your gun 2-3 times, weapons lock for 10 minutes.

    A clown nukes half his team with an OS or bombards his allies' advances from the comfort of his bastion: perfectly acceptable.

    And I'm pretty sure NC get weapons locked for not shooting at their teammates.

    Also what's the point of grief points if I can't actually see them (or how they're calculated)???
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  4. strove

    OS is a weird thing to balance for friendly fire checks. Theres no way you dont cause atleast one tick of damage on a friendly in the area. If that were punished you would just see people OSing fights between the opposing two factions...
    Plenty of actual team killing goes unpunished while stray shots get locked down. Death including majority damage needs to be priority aswell as 80% or higher damage to a friendly vehicle.
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  5. Demigan

    I have proposed a legacy system that takes your weapon/vehicle into account in the past.

    The legacy system would simply look at your total teamkill/damage records and compare it to a bell-curve of the total playerbase. People who are on the high end of the teamkill/damage spectrum will be locked far sooner than those that are on the low end of the spectrum.

    Your chosen weapon should be counted into this. Weapons like the Lasher or driving a vehicle means you are simply far more prone to friendly fire damage. I've been weapon locked for the simple fact that I was stuck in a trafficjam and people bumped into me all the time but more commonly infantry unaware of your presence will be caught in your blast or will gladly sit behind you (first responce of any tanker to damage: back up) or will keep strafing in front of your gun. We dont want vehicle drivers to be locked quicker simply because of their choice of weapon.

    Lastly griefpoints should be reduced in certain circumstances. If there's no people nearby or close to your crosshair grief points should be higher. If you are consistently hitting enemies for a lot more damage per minute than your allies (say a MANA turret or other way of holding an area where people are likely to get in your way) then your griefpoints earned should be reduced, if not reversed.
    The possibility of reducing the griefpoints or even reducing it by avoiding team damage but being encouraged to fight as well as you can against the enemy should prevent players from just murdering allies "because I can reduce those griefpoints" since you still have to actually do the work on enemies. With a legacy system behind it you would also see that players who rely too much on griefpoints being reduced that they will still be locked sooner and punished for their more careless behaviour.

    Weapon lock itself also needs adjusting. Supporting acts should still be possible when weapon locked, and the weapon lock should be more specific in what can make you get locked again. I once was locked for +/-5 minutes, the lock ended so I parked my lightning off to the side and checked my map. Someone scraped by my tank and I was locked again for 15 minutes.
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