Friendly air vehicle collision needs to go.

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by OptionalFTW, Dec 19, 2012.

  1. OptionalFTW

    Unbelievable, the amount of people flying directly into me. I've not once flown into a friendly. I'm talking about me hovering there, picking off infantry as a base is about to cap, and a liberator going max speed flies right into me, swatting me away like a bug and he just herpderps onward losing a bit of health. This is literally the majority of my deaths in the scythe, friendlies blindsiding me.

    This serves no purpose in the game but to be insanely annoying, it must go.

    Nothing worse than getting into a big fight to be blown away by a friendly galaxy or liberator who doesn't even pay attention to where they are flying, this all happening 30 seconds after spawning your air vehicle. ugh.
  2. Udnknome

    FF is working as intended.

    Does the Lib get grief like tanks do when they run over infantry/Flash?

    Fly truer and use mouse freelook.
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  3. empdevolth

    Stay away from the zerg even if you want to rocketpod farm. Otherwise expect Friendly fire of some sort to hit you in the butt.
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  4. Maximilious

  5. OptionalFTW

    I'm flying just fine, thank you. I let others get kills instead of herpderping behind them and colliding with them or shooting through them to try and steal their easy kill. I'm not greedy, and I stay clear of air zergs and try and pick off runners (Mosquitos, etc)
  6. Leftycakes

    It would be nice if colliding with a friendly (besides head on collisions) only resulted in bouncing off and taking some damage, instead of insta-blowing up.
  7. Xae

    No, you would be removing the most effective AA in the game.
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  8. Lothix

    So true, I die more frequently to friendly collisions than enemy AA.
  9. lyravega

    Pay attention to the map and listen to the sounds then... At most, 5-6 friendlies crashed into me, and that was because I wasn't doing what I just suggested you.
  10. Conq

  11. Xizwhoa

    Wahhh is all I heard.
  12. smokemaker

    Hate the tk's from collisions but like the contact aspect... makes for some crazy chases.
  13. Gunhazard

    Yeap, I've done some hard research into this and I think I've worked out your problem. There's a bug between the chair and keyboard that's causing your ship to hover in the air like a sitting duck and get killed. I see it all the time, it's a classic ESF issue that hits a lot of newer players.
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  14. Neovius

    I bet all of the negative posters are tank HE spammers. I just wish they would change the vehicle collision as it was in E3 demo for a while, where touching anything would make you explode, that would be fun to watch.
  15. icesail

    A easy fix from SOE would be to REMOVE THE ABILITY TO HOVER while carrying rockets and dalton/zepher.... You know, the added weight makes it impossible to sustain hovering.... See, no more problems of people running into a plane spamming zerg while hovering.... And it would actually take skill to aim while moving...
  16. Neovius

    It's not about hovering, you may be following an enemy esf trying to kill it then suddenly a friendly esf crashes into you because he wants to kill that same esf. You don't see him, he doesn't see you.
  17. Gavyne

    This is probably the only thing keeping the air spam in check right now, the fact that planes are running into each other more than they are being blown up by the ground units.
  18. Neovius

    Except it mostly affects the dogfighters, not the rocket spammers.
  19. Skadi

    This, even when im LANDED i get ramed by friendlys "NO THATS MY PARKING SPOT" /liberator ram.
  20. OptionalFTW

    That's exactly the problem, it's beyond ridiculous.