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Discussion in 'Helios (US West)' started by Riekopo, Apr 4, 2013.

  1. Riekopo

    No event this Friday?

    He usually posts them up around Wednesday. He should do them the week before so they ready to post after each session but ****it he ain't getting paid is he.
  3. NytDragon

    With the new event alert system, we should give the weekly events a week off. So far, the new alert events have been pretty amazing.

    Nar **** that, why lose momentum?

    Just gimme something to shoot.
  5. kaptinkrunch88

    There's nothing wrong with one of us promoting an off Indar event. There's no reason for Zim to have to do all the heavy lifting. Does anyone have a suggestion?
  6. Excellentz

    I would go through the trouble of planning one, as long as Zim was not planning to do so. I don't want a conflict...
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    I'll message him.
  8. NytDragon

    Well, Esamir is on-deck. Last time it was the VIP Assassination. Zim and I have talked about KotH ... but the obvious on Esamir is the single Tech Plant. Just not sure how that would work out ... with a MASSIVE 3-way for a single tech plant would work.

    The current problem right now, is there's a rather large issues with a combination of NC overpop and non-NC are still recovering with how the Indar cap went down and the gloating of NC that had nothing to do with it. So a week break may help with a lot of that.

    Naturally, of course, it's the NC here that are pushing for another week event. I can nearly guarantee that most VS will pull out of the event to w/e the alert event will be. There's just too much bonus XP/Certs at stake and the rewards are definitely worth fighting for. Speaking on behalf of [VAST], we're definitely on the fence and leaning toward the alert events.
  9. kaptinkrunch88

    That doesn't sound very promissing but it does sound honest. It looks like the inter-faction cooperation has gotten damaged over the Indar event and add on top of that the motivation of certs and the results are predictable.
  10. NytDragon

    Yeah, just keeping it real. It's just a game and players will get over it quickly. We even have a number of members that are taking a needed break until SOE fixes the many issues introduced with GU06. Some can't even stay on Esamir without crashing.

    Anyway, I'm pretty sure our weekly server events helped motivate SOE with the event alert system. I know that I sent emails to Higby and a few others for some sort of assistance with them a few weeks ago. Even with our first KotH on Amerish, I asked if they could tally up the hold times on the 2 mountain outposts. Unfortunately, no replies... but I'd like to think this alert event system is a good response to what we've been doing.

    I can't imagine how many NC were locked out of last night's event on Amerish. I know there were a number of VS that were and Amerish was 33% pop across the board with it locked for all factions. Seriously though, NC are going to have server join queues with the Connery merge during prime time. We will all hear the cries of freedom then.
  11. Excellentz

    Lol (literally out loud) nytdragon you are ridiculous bro.

    I agree population was an issue at the last event. NC had 40% and then TR were close with like 35, but the VS were poorly out numbered and needed a boost. No doubt there. Do a better job of getting your faction to actually show up.

    You guys are so bitter about the cap (in which the thread that was started about it was merely to find out what happened and not to gloat) that a week should be taken off? What lol? It sounds like you guys are seriously upset about losing it...take a week and mourn if you must.

    Naturally, its the NC pushing for another event? Considering we've won of the EXE sponsored events? Words do not describe the amount of salt occupying your mouth here Nytdragon. Here you are still talking (whining) about the great chinese take-over...let alone talking about how a week needs to be taken off so that you can get-over it?

    "I can't imagine how many NC were locked out of last night's event on Amerish. I know there were a number of VS that were and Amerish was 33% pop across the board with it locked for all factions. Seriously though, NC are going to have server join queues with the Connery merge during prime time. We will all hear the cries of freedom then."

    All you do is complain.......................................................

    I won't disagree that you have helped bring publicity to the server with the events. I didn't know you were playing a role in organizing them, and will give you credit where it is due. Thank you for being a part of getting them going. But seriously are really talking about taking a week off because of the Indar capture?? I don't even understand that..
  12. NytDragon

    Excellentz, you are obviously so defensive that you're totally missing the context and the message. If you're so high, don't wait for Zim and/or I to post the event, you do it. We've been doing this even before the Genudine merger.

    Unfortunately, at least for this week, [VAST] may not participate and I believe [TED] is out this week as well. [DPS0] has been pretty absent the past few weeks. So, unless you get [EXE] to help make it a NC/TR event, we'll see you at the new PS2 alert events... which have been some pretty amazing 2 hour battles.

    Did anyone take the Indar cap "boasting" seriously? We were just roleplaying weren't we? Everyone knows Indar Caps aren't actually legit, since it's impossible without disproportionate population.

    I suggest we all step away from the subject and accept it as it is.

    And cmon, you guys don't need a week to recover. This wasn't something we, or better said the Chinese, did to spite you. This just happened. Excellentz is just excited, and by now, you guys should know how he likes to celebrate.
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  14. Arenthas

    Bunch of [TED] folks are out right now, mainly playing Bioshock Infinite and Defiance, but we'll be gathered back up for Saturday Ops (this week I can't, out of town) but outside of Casual Ops, we have nothing scheduled.

    Not seeing much point in Friday Ops anymore since SOE released the Alert system, but feel free to contact me for any organized VS events.
  15. NytDragon

    TBH, I'm glad someone captured it before the Connery merge. It would have been 100x worse if it happened after the merge and we remained Helios and either TRG+ or 666+ took the claim.

    Like Arenthas mentioned, let's see how this alert event system plays out. So far, it's been amazing and without any other promotional effort needed.
  16. kaptinkrunch88

    I have to say the cheering I did was supposed to be in good fun. I wasn't even a remote part of the Indar cap. I was nothing more than a cheerleader. I'd expect any faction to crow a little at being the first to cap Indar on Helios. I expected some sporting banter over it but not real hurt feelings. In Nyt's defense he never said he was upset and wanted to take a week off. He said many in the VS felt that way. It seems wrong that a random influx of asian players durring off prime time hours capping Indar should upset the excellent inter faction cooperation we have manged to cultivate the last couple of months.
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    Well if there's no event this Friday, I'll go the way of DPSO's members and save my disney princess in Bioshock lol.
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  18. kaptinkrunch88

    TUBB will be on Amiresh(if the que lets me on) to bite as many ankles as we can. Business as usual for the Chihuahuas. I hope I see my friends and frenemies.
  19. Excellentz

    No I wasn't trying to take over your events....was solely volunteering to try to organize one if everybody wanted to...I am pretty sure i've offered my gratitude to Zim (And even you just a few moments ago) for getting these events going multiple times in the past. I appreciate it and have no desire to take over that presence.... There's just nothing "planned" for this week so it was brought up that was so.
  20. NytDragon

    No, that's cool. Also, keep in mind that weekly events don't have to be setup by any particular outfit. Personally, I'm not after fame or credit.. just enjoy playing the best MMOFPS and appreciate SOE for working on it. Until PS2, no other MMO quite captured the "Massive" scale that PS1 did. And for those that aren't aware, I spent months playing as NC on Connery, before returning to my roots as the VS.

    I have first hand experience of Connery, the outfits, and what to expect with the merge for all factions. It's going to take all of the Helios outfit leaders to work hard at maintaining the multi-faction community we have, especially if we don't keep the "Helios" name. Connery just doesn't have what we do here. Unfortunately, large part being their longer history, larger outfits... along with the pride and arrogance that naturally accompanies it.

    So, yes, when I see and talk with other VS players... and TR players... and the morale is low, I can understand that a break is needed. The alert event system couldn't have come at a better time either. So, although we have nothing planned, there are still events going on off-Indar to participate in.

    If you want to do a planned "Fun" event, then let's do something like... Flash Lightning Esamir, where we all agree to roll with flashes and lightnings across Esamir? Something completely different, a little restrictive, separate from the alert event metagame... and a ton of fun. Every faction can supply "referee" birds in the sky to take out non-lightnings and non-flashes.

    Or, toss up another idea... I think we'd have better luck doing something wild like that this week, than a serious 3-way capture event, which has been superceded by the alert events now.

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