Free Sunderer after instant action?

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by metalfreak, Feb 9, 2016.

  1. metalfreak

    This happend to me the second time already so i have to write it in here to ask if someone else heard of it :D

    Yesterday i switched continents because the Alert started and i used instant action at the warpaget to get back into action. I spawned at a sunderer and went into battle but i noticed that i was getting XP from a deployed sunderer.

    I checked the right corner of my screen and get to see that i own a sunderer :/

    After getting quite curious how this is possible i went back to "my" sunderer only to see that this was clearly not my sunderer (other decals and weapons equipped). As mentioned at the top of this thread i already had something similar after getting dropped into battle with instant action.

    Is it possible that the owner of the sundy left the game and the next one to spawn at it just get to own it or how can this happen? :D
  2. Poppington

    Did you enter the sunderer? That will transfer ownership if the sundy has no owner for whatever reason.
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  3. metalfreak

    yes i did enter the sunderer..but i believe that the first time i had this happen to me that i did not enter the sundy..weird :D
  4. TorakkIT

    it happens when you enter in vehicle of a player that already spawned another vehicle in the meantime or logged off, you have X minutes to take control before it vanishes. I don't know if it works as intended ( maybe is to let people take control of a crucial spawning sunderer if the owner log off), but it's like that since july on PS4.
    The other day i spawned a wrong set up sunderer so i deployed it in front of the vehicle pad and went back to spawn another one, than some randoms picked my old one up and we went together to the next base with two identical sundies :D , one with repair and the other with cloaking, the random thanked me during the trip lol
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