[Suggestion] Free SC / Certs as recompisation for downtimes (like blizzard does)

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by Zorewin, Apr 4, 2013.

  1. Zorewin

    Dear SOE,

    How about coming a bit closer to your customers and giving free things for your failures?

    If the WoW servers go down without warning and there are problems you get free gametime everytime they have a big ****up (wich is almost never btw, good people to look at for examples.. there not perfect.. but more then you guys)

    How about some customer loyalty SOE? A gesture of goodwill to restore faith into the community (lots of people are getting mad / tired with the no warming pulling servers down ****e, and who's to blame them?)

    People pay for a service that isnt reachable.. so come SOE show us your not all have hearths of stone.

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  2. RedPsycho

    In all the time I played WoW, 7 years I believe... they have only given time once in that period. I'm pretty sure it was after WoLK and it wasn't much to write home about. Like so little it was like "well, thanks? I guess?"

    Did you play WoW when it first released? Because if you did you'd know how bad that was and how often the servers were down and guess what! They never compensated anyone for that. I remember getting home from work and going to login and seeing the servers still down on a patch day more times than I can count on both hands...
  3. Zorewin

    I played WoW since the closed beta, I had several times i can remember that i got free game time.. mostly 1 or 2 days sometimes a few days depending on the server problems..

    And like i said they are not perfect.. but there uptime and recurring bug time is so much less then SOE.. and i knew it was coming ive played PS1 for many years...

    There is nothing wrong with the downtime or admitting the downtime.. but Communicate and if needed Compesate your customers..
  4. ironeddie

    Turbine have reimbursed lotro players before now. Dunno what that was like in its early days but they tend to break it with updates.
  5. AceMF

    This a F2P game unlike WoW which I think you are implying when you say "Blizzard" that being said I have an Auraxium membership to PS2 and while I can certainly sympathize with your frustration at unscheduled downtimes (like right now) I sincerely think they are doing right by their customer base in this regard. For instance, I would rather see Rashnu conquerable tonight than play all day the way it is now.

    also stone is an excellent choice for hearth material and capable of some wonderful things. I think you should reconsider it as a choice in your fireplace design.
  6. Zorewin

    I agree its F2P but there are options to subscibe for membership like i have, not to mention the almost 100 euro's i spend in the games.. When you pay for something.. anything.. its subjected to service.. If i pay for a montly service and i cant acces it for 2 a 3 evenings when i want to play.. then compesate your customers..

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  7. Phenics

    Agree with above poster, i've spent some €100 on this game now but lately it's been a nightmare, if it's not that the servers go down pretty often the game suffers from some framerate issues or other bugs that makes it unplayable. I'm not the whiny type of person and i have a great patience but i'm seriously starting to feel i'm not getting what i'm paying for. SOE really must start getting their **** together, stop pushing out new weapons and nerf everything and get on to make a stable game instead. I still have some patience left but as i said it's good one and i bet other people are starting to get really tired of this.
  8. Aztecoatl

    If SoE wants to keep its population playing thats a good start , for the last 2 weeks the game has been down for probably 2 days or so .. A reward would be nice , ya
  9. RedPsycho

    Balance, Weapons, and Performance are handled by different teams and I for one don't want a guy who works on weapon balance or art trying to get the game stable in the code.
  10. GSZenith

    release wow...mm fun times.
  11. Phenics

    Yeah, i'm aware of that but what i meant was, rather fire an animator and hire some tech-savvy than the other way around just to sell more guns. Not literally that but i hope you get the point. What are new weapons good for if you can't use them?