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  1. Regpuppy

    As frustrated as others and I are about this event. I still love this game and hope to support it in any way I can. Even if some of my posts seem angry, they're meant to try and push solid feedback. Anyway, Tray asked for help reaching 20k views for this vid, and he promised that we'd get, what I'm assuming is, some Nanite cake. So have at it.


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  2. bodmans

    obligatory THE CAKE IS A LIE
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  3. Regpuppy

    But... it's Nanite Systems cake. Made of delicious nanites. :(
  4. Blarg20011

    Ohhhh, can we have tea as well?
  5. Delnar_Ersike

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  6. Regpuppy

    Tea? C'mon, man up. Real men have Nanite milk with their cake.

    That only happened once... and that's what the brave test subjects were for. That glitch was worked out, promise
  7. bodmans

    When did NS change from war-promoting-greedy-bastards to all-is-nice-cake producers?
  8. Regpuppy

    They offer it to all three sides? That, and getting you in the shop with it is a sure way to get you to look at their wares.
  9. Regpuppy

    Woops, accidentally posted it at the last few seconds. Damned lack of an edit button.

  10. EliteEskimo

    Lol I watched the whole video and I really think Higby needs to submit some more stuff, T-Ray was doing most of the talking (mostly because he submitted the most stuff to talk about), but it was also funny to see T-Ray get on Higby's case about not submitting material to the video guys before hand. Its a relief to hear that apparently we should be seeing the results of the optimization work in about 4 weeks, and I can't wait to see what that could mean for my crappy laptop and my 15-25 FPS that I play with lol:D

    Overall though there were 2 things I wasn't expecting to see. The first was so much representation of Mattherson outfits, because they brought up NNG, DasAnfall, and they brought up the BlackWidowCompany too even if it was just for a brief moment (I think there may have even been more outfits from Mattherson brought up briefly, but it was a long video). It was also cool having a representative from the NNG outfit there too, and this video was another example of Mattherson being the go to server for cool outfits. :cool:

    The second thing I was surprised to see was a unrelated Furry picture in the fan art section of the video, I mean lol it was a furry picture with Planetside 2 posted in it without actually being related to Planetside 2 haha.:p
  11. Regpuppy

    Yeah, the fact that that came up makes me wonder what's up with T-ray. Higby definitely needs to step up for that segment of the show because I think his cohost is losing it. ;P
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  12. ItsJustDash

  13. Regpuppy

    Obligatory Higby hair post.

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  14. IamDH

    They are celebrating because they are war-promoting-greedy-bastards
  15. Bankrotas

    4 weeks is probably some time when I'll get my laptop from repairs. So greatly increased FPS would be great.
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  16. Regpuppy

    Here's hoping I can throw my settings on high again during good fights. I miss a lot of the fluff that came with better graphics.
  17. Regpuppy

    Bump for cake
  18. CrazyCanadian24

    Actually, the cake is a ninja!

  19. Regpuppy


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  20. CrazyCanadian24