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  1. Zica96

    WTF is wrong with all the bugs recently??!! When i try instant action it send to a random continent, and i can't squad spawn and the grass always flickers, just to name a few! Where do i send the bug report, or are they working on them?
  2. strid3r478

    Yes i tripped on this crap couple times actually more then couple, now i not using instant action its clearly broken gonna wait until they fix it or just not gonna use it at all redeployside FTW
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  3. Yuki10

    DBG = BUGs.
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  4. Zica96

    God damn it, this game was in such a decent state when SOE handled it, now with the damn russian transfer there are even more bugs and they dont actually work on a fix for it (as far as i know) instead they give us a crappier version of the Commissioner, good job DGC! And i ain't about to spend the limited free time i have to go from one side of the map to the other for like 20 min. instead i'll use the instant action key.
  5. Zica96

    Sadly, it seems like it.
  6. Dowlphin

    It sounds like "debug", but it stands for "Dey Break Games".
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  7. Zica96

    So true man i think that the grass thing wasn't there before, but i'm certain the instant action bug hasn't existed before.

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