Framerate not improving, its getting worse

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by Bl4ckVoid, Mar 15, 2013.

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  1. Bl4ckVoid

    I am getting very close to give up PS2. I love the game, but on my machine in any decent size battle I get 15fps.
    Low activity places 30-40 FPS.

    This was much better before GU4, but it was also an on/off thing. One big battle totally playable, next one is a slideshow. I cannot afford to upgrade and it is highly doubtful that will be an improvement, because the FPS is actually getting WORSE.

    In the last few weeks I actually could participate in a decent size battle (if vehicles were not too abundant), but now it is completely unplayable. All I can do is ghost cap.
    It is the CPU constraint, so lowering graphics does absolutely nothing, it is already at low.

    This is the #1 problem with the game by FAR. I bet that most players that quit, quit because low FPS. You cannot play a shooter below 30 frames per sec.

    Please, please fix this, do something for CPU.
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  2. AceMF

    Framerate is terrible since the update
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  3. videogamesaregames

    Most recent patch has me at 1 fps.

    Before gu4 I was getting playable fps even in large battles, generally not less than 25-30.

    Back in beta I got 50+fps nearly all the time.
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  4. AceMF

    thats pretty bad . I feel for ya bro.
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  5. cardboardbacon

    Same issue here; I used to get around 30 fps in large battles, and after GU4 I now get around 5-10 fps. Guess I'm taking a break from PS2 until this **** gets sorted out.
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  6. Mireck

    I was running on medium settings 15-70FPS. Now i am running 7-20FPS on the lowest settings. What the hell SOE? The game is just ******* unplayable!
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  7. ScrapyardBob

    FPS is definitely worse this week.

    AMD FX-6100 (6 cores, 3.3GHz, "Bulldozer" architecture) along with a NVIDIA GeForce GTX 660 Ti and I'm only getting 20-25 tonight and any time I get near a large outdoor battle it's dropping down to 10-15. I used to get 20-25 in big outdoor battles and would get about 15 FPS in a heavy bio-lab fight.
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  8. PrimalPhantom

    Before GU04 I was getting 20-30fps. Now I get 30fps not in combat and a low 14 fps in combat. Come on SOE fix this or you are going to lose even more players. You had the same problem when you pushed GU03. So something is not right.
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  9. TintaBux

    It's getting worse 100%, every update.
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  10. matt0027

    Have also noticed highly degraded performance when playing the game.

    Even when not in big battles (e.g. driving a tank between facilities w/o any or many people around me) everything will choke up quite often.

    Enormous amounts of lag when in battles.
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  11. Jbeasty

    I recently upgraded my rig heavily, and before game update 3 I was consistent 110 fps in the warpgate full POV/Render quality, fluctuated about 10 fps. Even the thickest battles I never saw my FPS go below 50. Now, with all low settings I am lucky to hit 90 in the warpgate, and it fluctuates ~30 FPS constantly. Thick battles I am floating at about 30 sometimes less. GU3 was bad, but GU4 has made me not want to play this at all until I get at least an avg. of 60 back. Anything below 45 and I swear my eyes start to hurt lol. Even being in the middle of nowhere with no one in sight I can't even break 60 atm. I was VERY close to buying a 6 month sub, I am glad that I waited.

    I have seen the performance on weaker rigs than mine, and it is simply unplayable, the two people I play with have average power rigs and have quit due to 20 FPS in battles.
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  12. gregfox89

    Before patch, min fps of around 40-45. After patch, min fps of 25-30 at warpgate.
    I haven't really had a good reason to overclock my system yet but PS2 is making it look really appealing.
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  13. CHDT65

    Unfortunately, me too.

    I've a six-core, 32 gigas of ram, a 480 with 3 gigas and it was wonderfully fluid until now.

    This morning, in a big battle with many explosions, it was suddenly "lag-city" !!!!!!!

    I must say, my most preffered patch was the second: graphically the most pleasant one about rendering and very fluid too.
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  14. LameFox

    It's not even straining the CPU. The game just seems to think it is. My CPU doesn't even get decent usage on a single core while this game whines about the CPU limiting it to 30-40 fps. PS2 seems to use about as much RAM as my GPU alone has, strains the CPU a little more than playing music and browsing at the same time, and thinks something about the hardware is limiting it.

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  15. CHDT65

    In a sense, it's some kind of not bad news.
    Because ram is quite unexpensive these days.
  16. copywrite85

    They bring out allot of videos calling them sneak peaks and they talk about the most superfluous inconsequential issues, it drives me insane. This is what we your customers want to hear from you in detail.
    -cpu lag fixes
    -rendering distance issue fixes
    -physx and ultra settings fix
    -when every gun in this game will have its own unique skin
    Stop feeding us fluff. Frame rate in this game IS getting worse, on the bright side I don't crash anymore when I force Physx.
  17. Chavezlm

    I have had several issues where the person i am shooting at just unrenders and then renders elsewhere shooting at me. I have also had issues with my Pre-login load screen going blurry around 90%. My Fps have also been sub-optimal for my rig been sitting in the teens and maybe on good days in the 30s, but i can play crysis 2 no problem with constant 40-50 fps.
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  18. Diplocaulus

    I've noticed some intermittent FPS hits since GU4. I notice it especially when using jump pads.
  19. RadarX

    We do actually track the framerates for everyone and on average framerates are improving. We are not done but have seen some progress. Expect further optimizations. as soon as possible.
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  20. subDiii

    Its actually pretty insulting to throw up these sales (which are intrusive on every loading screen lol), expecting $30-$50 more when you've just pulled a **double-whammy** of failures on the CPU total NON-optimization, and as of today the major server lag. You wanna make good you can *start* by making the double exp repeat next weekend and think of something else for your paying customers...
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