Frame rate still sucks

Discussion in 'Player Support' started by AceMF, Mar 14, 2013.

  1. AceMF

    after server restart the frame rates are still horrendously low.

    I7 2700k
    GTX 680
    16gb ram
  2. PaperPlanes

    Yup. Absolutely zero performance benefit for me. Still massive FPS drops near bases, still generally bad FPS all around. 20-30 FPS while flying my Scythe or in big battles (unacceptable, I literally can not fly this way, makes it impossible to dogfight properly), 50-60 FPS in warpgates.

    Not gonna bother posting specs because this is an SOE problem. My specs are pointless, I had great FPS (well not always amazing in big fights, but playable) pre-patch, GU4 comes along and kills performance, hot fix did nothing to help the situation.

    All you need to know is before the patch, I got 150+ FPS in warpgates, 80-100 in small and medium fights, 40-60 in big fights. Usually stayed over 75 FPS or so while flying.
  3. pigp3n

    Same here. Slightly better but still worse than prior to GU04.

    i7 3770k
    GTX 670
    16GB RAM
    Vertex 4 SSD
  4. Thurwell

    Yeah this hotfix did nothing for me, I'm getting about half the framerate in GU4 compared to GU3. Which wasn't very good compared to GU2. On top of the lousy frame rate the game's much laggier than before.

    The irony is killing me. We're told there's plenty of room of optimization still and the game will get faster, but it keeps getting slower instead.

    i5 3570k
    GTX 660 ti
    16 GB RAM
    120GB SSD (Some sort of OCZ I think, I forget)
  5. PaperPlanes

    I think the problem is the designers are throwing all this stuff into patches and just sort of demanding the coders do it and they barely get a chance to work on any performance issues that come up because of it. Then the coders get tasked with sorting out the issues and that's not always easy.

    IMO the 6 month roadmap was just too ambitious for a company like SOE, they're rushing stuff and forcing things in without much testing. They seem to only care about testing game balance issues, but ignore performance issues and just think "oh well we can fix it later".
  6. Thurwell

    Considering every major update going back through beta breaks the game and introduces numerous bugs, I don't think anyone believes they're testing these things adequately. I even understand that PC testing is a pain in the ***, all the different configs, but my hardware is literally all the most popular components to build a gaming rig with currently, with the possible exception of the GPU which is still top 3 or so.
  7. Evileet

    Did you guys played on other continents? My frame rate still suck on Indar, it's slightly better than before, but not much. On Esamir i had pretty damn good FPS.
  8. ThaPhreak

    i seen about a 5 fps gain, at best... still horrid drops in fights and sythes are un-flyable due to fps rates with anyone around. and yea the other maps gave better fps. aboutt 25% i'd say
  9. HooliganPrime

    i7 2600k @ 4.5ghz
    evga gtx680
    16gb gskill ram

    also still have huge fps loss after GU04 even with the server reset "hotfix"
  10. MiZrY

    2500k @ 4.5
    8GB ram
    Windows 7 Pro

    60-110 fps pre GU4
    45-80 fps post GU4
    30-45 fps after lastest hotfix

    edit: changed some settings now its a lot better..... weird.... testing further
  11. Fubbles

    Mind sharing what settings you changed? I am still getting half the frames or worse from GU3-GU4 regardless of settings changed/useroptions reset. I hover around 20 fps in platoons detected battles if I am lucky.
  12. MiZrY

    I'll post what I did below. It brought me back to where I was before the hotfix, but I still get the same fps drop from GU4. Still way better then whatever happened in the hotfix.

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  13. queue

    If you saw the QA interview, you'd understand why thay are having problems. The 2 testers seemed high and had the personality of closet serial killers.
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