Frame rate randomly goes down to half of my normal speed

Discussion in 'Player Support' started by darkphilli, Jan 10, 2013.

  1. darkphilli

    I recently got a new laptop. It plays the game pretty smooth. I get 50-80 frames at all times except in heavy fights it will drop down to 30-40. My only problem is that randomly the frame rate will dip. I have noticed it is always half of what I normally get (like in heavy fights it will drop to 15-20). This only last a few seconds and then it goes back to normal. I was wondering if anyone had a fix. I tried unparking my cores but it had no effect on my performance.

    I7 3610 qm
    GTX 675m
    8 gb ram @ 1333
  2. Irathi

    Do you have Vsync enabled?

    If for some reason your refresh rate is 40hz Vsync will keep your fps=hz as long as it is able to. If the fps drops below the Hz it will automatically halve fps and refresh. Giving you 20fps / 20hz.

    Otherwise it might sound like you have a background program running that takes resources every now and then.
  3. Bugginator

    I am having the exact same issue ... here is a short hardware list. Maybe we can find the culprit.

    AMD 1100T
    Geforce 560TI
    8G RAM
  4. XRIST0

    Does your processor drop speed while playing the game ? you might need to disable all the cpu power saving features , than i think problem solved .

    What i mean is your cpu might be 2.6Ghz but it could be dropping down to 900mhz while your playing at the times it drops to half your fps or whatever .

    I think theres an option in your bios called CSTATE which you should disable to fix this .
  5. darkphilli

    I don't believe that the processor is dropping below 2.3 ghz. In fact it almost always stays above 3 ghz. I haven't edited the bios (too lazy for the time being). Today I played for about an hour and had all kinds of frame rate issues, but then when a logged back in a little later I played for about 2 hours and it didn't drop once. This problem seems to be really random.
  6. heneo

    I get this every time I log in now. There was another thread about it a couple of days ago I replied in too, I'll copy/paste what I put in that one below.

    Same thing happens to me and its getting really annoying.

    Can happen within 5 mins of starting up PS2 or an hour into a play session but once it starts its pretty consistant and happens every few mins.
    When it happen I loose 20-30 fps for about 10 seconds then it restores to normal, I usually get 50-60fps in the warpgate going down to about 30fps in big fights so when this kicks in it usually means im dead if im fighting. Just for clarity the game does not freeze up or crash its the FPS dropping.

    I kept open my system monitor last time I was in game and noticed at the same time the fps drops my CPU usage jumps by 20% ish then the second it returns to normal my CPU goes back to normal too.

    Used to get this back in November but it was quite rare and a patch in December seemed to fix it but since the last hotfix it has returned with a vengeance and happens every time i play.

    System specs:
    AMD FX 4100 Quad 3.6GHz
    8 GB RAM
    GeForce 9800 GT (using lastest driver 310.90)
    Win 7 64bit
    I'll take a look in my Bios to see if its the power save thing, I'll repost with results.
  7. BenYeeHua

    If you don't wanna disable power save like c1e, c3, c6, c7 and c7s, just disable the core-parking.
  8. heneo

    Ok tried a few things over night/today but still get the fps dropping seemingly randomly.

    Turned off power save modes - still same issue
    Core-parking turned off - still same
    Rolled back to 310.70 beta drivers (I was using this in December) - no good
    Tried running CPU and GPU at clock speeds with turbo's turned off - still same
    CPU and GPU overclocked ( only by about 15%) - still same

    I'm kinda at a loss right now and what has me completely confused is why my cpu spikes when my FPS drops. I have a second monitor and I've had the task manager open when other programs are kicking in to cause it.

    The only thing I'm starting to wonder about is 'maybe' its the fire texture in game or something to do with a destroyed vehicle transitioning from the model to debris. Cant say for certain but the problem happens more when lots of explosions going on around me and I've seen the FPS drop start the second an ATV exploded about 20m in front of me, might have been coincidence.
  9. BenYeeHua

    First, disable any powersave feature that will turning the Frequency of CPU.
    And then, disable the HPET in BIOS.
  10. TheEvilBlight

    Juries are still out on effects of HPET. At the beginning swore HPET might be good, but I've not seen much change either way.
  11. BenYeeHua

    I don't know, but the access to HPET is slower than TSC.