Fracture MAX now better then all NC MAXes for AI (even close range)

Discussion in 'MAX' started by phungus420, Jun 20, 2013.

  1. Timperium

    Comets are a funny one. They do more damage at range. They 4 shot infantry with nano-3 with DIRECT hits within 25m without ZOE. 3 shot at close range without nano-3 and 2 shot beyond 25m without nano-3 and with ZOE. (IIRC)

    Hitting at range is much harder than Fractures due to Fractures having over double their velocity as you pointed out.

    Fractures are almost a direct upgrade to Comes in nearly every single way.
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  2. treeHamster

    At ZOE rank 1, it takes 2 Comet rounds to take out a stock infantry.

    That said, the Fractures also have a significantly better convergence compared to the Comets.

    I've said it a billion times, and I'll say it again. Comets are nothing but Pounders with smaller magazines and no bullet drop. Fractures are a direct upgrade from Pounders which makes them worlds better than Comets. The only thing Comets really have going for them is no bullet drop. They're worthless for any AV outside of 150m (even then it really only works if the vehicle isn't moving).
  3. Avlaen

    Am i the only TR that never uses fractures for anti infantry? dual onslaughts outperforms fractures for anti infantry in biolabs and mercys do better in most open fields, i do sometimes use fractures to fight maxs especialy comet and raven maxs can hurt in bio labs.
  4. phungus420

    Well you have to realize while the AI capabilities of the fractures is worse then dual mercies, Fractures also allow you to wrek vehicles and they are ruthlessly effective against other MAXes.
  5. Jetlag

    Comet has a 2 shot magazine, which means against an infantry with upgraded armour you will have to be 100 percent accurate to land 3-4 hits before reload.
    The fracture needs a comparable amount of hits, with projectiles that fly at the speed of light and a bazillion shots per mag.
    Comets can get you by in a pinch if you have to defend yourself while on AV duty, they are not ridiculOP like fractures, which also do more AV damage.
  6. curly

    Hang on your thread claims fractures are better at close range ai then nc and in this quote you say mercies are better than fractures for ai.

    that means you think mercies are better than nc ai at close range?
  7. Cougarbrit

    So you quoted me but either ignored my maths or just completely interpreted it wrong?
  8. phungus420

    Well the gist of it is that Fractures are simply too good at everything, so yeah.

    Also lol again at the NC MAX, what a piece of crap it is compared to the other options.
  9. BloodArmoredApostle

    you realize all you guys's constant whining is what makes games like this suck? Nerf this, by the time SOE gets done with all your whining complaints this game will be the worst FPS out their to play. Im so tired of hearing all this complaining about strikers and TR and this and that. Complain about stuff, but never use enough skills to get around your issue instead. You rather someone make it easy for you. Sorry you don't like it, Ima tell it how it is wether you like it or not. This is not true gaming by any means. Don't like my spelling, then don't comment.
  10. Pikachu

    I'll stop being jealous of fractures when they restore the falcon.
  11. Adept

    You can kill infantry with a dual hit from falcons. However it's projectiles are so slow, I've seen most of them evaded over 10 m distances. Under 10 m they are like slug shotguns. When they actually connect - cos they sometimes just clip trough the enemy infantry units. This includes max units - it was very depressing losing against dual mercy max with anti armor weapons...
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  12. Stormlight666

    To kill someone you need 2-3 direct hits (both guns) or 1 hit with both guns to the head. I know since Fracture is my specialty. It's not easy to hit moving/dodging targets with the slow fire but if you're good you can keep yourself alive.

    So OHK at any range is an absolute lie unless you manage a lucky headshot or hit a severely wounded target.
  13. Stormlight666

    Trust me you end up having to fight infantry even if you're a Fracture firing from a mountain in the middle of nowhere. Plus it's fun to go sniper hunting once they start shooting at you from afar. That usually has me snickering watching them waste ammo while I come toward them.
  14. GeneralPeragorn

    Frankly, dual fractures should be better than comets, they cost 750 certs more per weapon! Also, the reason that they are used far more than our 250 one is that the Pounder is simply bulldung.

    They still cost a lot more than the comets, why shouldn't they be better? Also, they actually do far less damage (comets 475+80 splash to fractures 315+25 splash). They even have a 40rpm slower firing rate!
  15. GeneralPeragorn

    Shock horror! An AI max beats an AV max? So the one that is prepared shouldn't win then?
  16. Pikachu

    Another thing is that MAXes take only ~50% damage from MAX AV weapons. Falcons should kill in 3 but it takes 5.
  17. Adept

    Dude.. it's clear you've failed to comprehend the part where I say the rockets flew right trough the mercy using max.
    I'm slaughtering mercy maxes no problem when they work properly.
    Seems to be depending on the server lag.