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  1. Phil46

    After months I came back to Planetside and I am shocked at how much the game and their factions, have become very unbalanced.
    Especially VS is too strong and wins all the time, also the NC have weapons that you can do absolutely nothing against.
    In NC I find especially the Reaverweapon A30 Mustang too strong, a shotgun has no business on a plane!
    This weapon does far too much damage against aircraft, infantry and even against Max units, you can defend yourself 0 against it.
    Also I find shotguns in general too much too strong, the range should be drastically reduced, it can not be that you die from 50M distance still with 2 shots.
    With the VS, far too many weapons are too strong, which is why it is very annoying and absolutely no fun to fight against VS, starting from Betelgeuse, to the Magrider who got a new weapon, where your tank jumps directly down to half HP.
    This is unfair and extremely annoying, not to mention the mobility...
    I am a TR player and I think that TR is much too weak, the Prowler does almost nothing, both against Vanguards and Magrider, the Prowler has absolutely no chance in a 1vs1.
    I had to find that out often enough, even with the barrage, there is no way to win alone against the special tanks.
    The Vanguard hides behind his shield and also makes incredibly high damage, the Magrider shoots 2 times at you and already the HP are critical, moreover, he hovers around in a tour and you do not hit the beast.
    The only specialty of the TR is that we have the masses, many players are with the TR.
    You should TR Buffen or NC and VS drastically nearfen, especially the VS, the Magrider and the energy weapons, the damage should be lowered!
    Also, I find it annoying that TR has to fight constantly with teaming of VS and NC, a new continent starts and directly both factions go at the TR, even if VS or NC wins the alert, they continue to attack the TR, there should be a lock that only a certain number of bases, per faction can be taken, except in the alert, there the lock is lifted.
    So you attract many more players to the medium to large battles.

    This here is not a crying and I know that many people will insult me here or become toxic, it is my personal opinion on the game and I think, exactly with something like this you make this game broken.
    Compared to 4 years ago, until now, the number of players has fallen sharply. Back when I started with Planetside, what the game was still really lively and there were many big fights, now exists, if at all, a medium fight to small.

    Thanks for your attention
  2. Demigan

    While I can agree with a few points you have an immense bias that shows you never played anything but TR.

    For example the Prowler and Magrider score close to the same amount of vehicle and infantry kills per MBT pulled, while the Vanguard is trailing behind. Thats because the Vanguard is more than just its shield, and compared to the other two its not much. The Prowler and Magrider have each their own advantages which makes them more or less equal in the long run.

    Shotguns are a topic many love to hate. However when it comes down to it pretty much every shotgun struggled to surpass the starter weapons. Not exactly the superior weapons people make them out to be and that two-shot is not exactly common, although it may feel like it to you.

    Double-teaming is a classic bias. You can find moments where all 3 factions claim they are being double-teamed. Its in part a natural thing that develops: the faction that is weakest at that moment will lose more bases quickly and during alerts people have to choose between attacking a faction that can defend its territory or the one that can give you more territory and a win. Gee what choice would they make? This happens to all 3 factions and is not unique to TR.
  3. Phil46

    I have played all the factions and can say that TR and NSO is clearly too weak.
    The Magrider and Vanguard always prevail against the Prowler, I observed this often enough in the tank battles, while the TR advanced with Prowler and Lightings and the opponents arrived with Magrider and Vanguards, the TR was always pushed back.
    What's the point of this crap? The Vanguard turns on its shield and moves aggressively, what can you do about it? Nothing!
    And that all factions are affected by the team is also not true.
    I have 2 weeks, every evening a screenshot of the map made and it was always the same:
    4-6 fights, mostly defenses, the TR.
    1-2 fights between VS and NC
  4. Liewec123

    you can move aggressively too.
    drive past the vanguard and shoot it in its butt, i literally did it yesterday in my prowler.
    it only takes 2 volleys from behind with kingsnake to murder a vanguard,
    and the shield offers no rear protection whatsoever.