FPS Phenomenon - Shooting for a Lift

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by Halcyon, Jun 4, 2014.

  1. Halcyon

    People have apparently forgotten about the Q key, and all the wonderful options it gives, including:

    - ask for ride

    Instead, what 98% (remember 63.7% of all statistics are made up on the spot) of players do instead is this:


    "GIVE ME A RIDE!!!"

    Can you imagine if you tried this in real life?



    "PICK ME UP!!!"


    All that said, when people shoot my harasser or ATV because they want a ride, I keep driving.
    (but this pretty much shifted to all armored vehicles too...it's just the principle at this point)

    It takes just as much energy to press the Q key and select the appropriate option, and at the same time you're not putting holes in my ride and damaging my armor.

    Use the Q key and we can all get along!
    #usetheQ, #donthailwithguns, #saynotoramborides
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  2. Wafflepancake

    Because most of us spam " I need a ride" as 6 sundees with 1-3 people in em each driving on by.
    We've been conditioned as a single shot will always get you the drivers attention.
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  3. Bankrotas

    Oh it will get my attention to shoot back at you.
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  4. Kislany

    Funny, I used to do the Q thing, tons of empty sundies passing by, not giving me a second look - heck sometimes they even drive over me. When I shoot (one shot and only on sundies, never at smaller vehicles), most of the times they stop and pick me up. Go figure.
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  5. Ultimatestormer

    Occasionally I'll stop my Sundy for people that skipped actually requesting a ride and just shot me, depending on if I'm feeling generous or not. But if they use anything that can take away even a tiny sliver of my health, they're attracting a Fury round to the face, not a ride.

    And I will occasionally use a single weak round to get attention if I have properly requested a ride and am not getting results, but avoid using anything on lightly armored targets. Heavy weapons on any friendly are out of the question, even if they still have 11 seats open.
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  6. Trudriban

    Just for the sake of playing Devil's Advocat...
    hold Q + move mouse up + time for all that = 2 actions = X time
    popping a bullet into your ride = 1 action = Y time
    Y > X
    so to quote Kevin Spacey
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  7. Camycamera

    i just realised that Lex Luther was played by Kevin Spacey in that terrible superman film.
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  8. Kanil

    It's a lot easier to aim at a moving vehicle long enough to hit it with one shot than it is to aim at it long enough to get the damn Q menu to come up. If requesting transport was binded to one of the Q+# keys, it'd probably be a lot more useful. Or if you didn't have to actually aim at a vehicle to get it to pop up.

    That said, if you shoot at my Flash, I will gladly stop, turn around, and return the favor. My Renegade does 1430 damage though, so keep that in mind.
  9. Iridar51

    Shooting is much easier to notice than quiet voice of a footman 30m away.
    Moderation is required, of course, couple of shots on the road ahead of the vehicle is enough to get driver's attention.

    Feel free to take shooting at you as an insult, but it's not like they do much damage. It's the same dumb type of grudge that makes people want to blow up vehicles that don't take them as passengers or a medic that TK's someone because he didn't say "thank you" for res/heal.
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  10. Bortasz

    As long as they shoot at my armored vehicle (Liberator Sundie Tanks) I can leave with them shooting for attention.
  11. vsae

    Did that actually happen? if so, no comments.
  12. Irathi

    idk why we don't have the "I need a ride" on the regular F + number, it'd be much easier.
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  13. MostlyClueless

    I do use "I need a ride" but the problem is no one ever seems to know who it is I'm calling for to stop. Just shooting them is quicker.
  14. Iridar51

    No, I think I imagined it, but the same principle applies. It's still a dumb grudge against people that don't do something you want/expect them to do. I was TKed for being in a spawn room, though.
  15. vsae

    I once was TKed by an anti infantry Mana turret engineer because I stole all his kills with LMG :D
  16. DFDelta

    I don't have a problem with it if I'm inside something armored. (MBT, Sundy, Lib, Gal)
    If I have free slots and am not in a locked vehicle I'll pick them up. (Although my vehicles are squadlocked more often then not)

    In a harasser I'll not hold a grudge either, except when they dump enough ammo into me to deal actually noteworthy damage.
    (Seriously, I've seen people dumping almost a whole mag into my harasser)

    If they do it when I'm on a flash then they'll get my attention.
    Just not the kind of attention they wanted.
  17. Kanil

    It's a sign of disrespect. They care so little about you and your combat vehicle that they don't mind damaging it, just so they can get to the next base a little quicker.

    The Flash also doesn't exactly have a lot of HP, and since you have to be infiltrator, it's not like you can just hop off and repair it in two seconds. Every little bit adds up to a lengthy trip to your nearest infantry terminal, or trying to get a nearby engineer's attention (damaged Flashes tend to get noticed less than damaged tanks,) or an even lengthier trip to the nearest spawn room and 100 less resources.
  18. Iridar51

    Flash isn't usually considered to be a combat vehicle. Apart from some infiltrator shenanigans, it's used simply as a transport to the next fight, so sustaining a little damage is of no consequence. That's what people see when they shoot your Flash - a taxi to the next base. They don't disrespect you, taking a couple of shots is the easiest way to get noticed. They assume you want to help them to get to the next base.
    They don't see a combat vehicle in your flash, and they assume you will dump it as soon as you get to another base. Perhaps they should be smarter and identify an infiltrator on a Flash with a weapon, but they don't disrespect you.
  19. Bindlestiff


    Using the Q menu doesnt specifically target the driver of the vehicle for your shoutout, so just use V5.

    Anyone who shoots at any vehicle our outfit drives expecting to get in will either get fired back on, or we will let them in and boot them out in the middle of nowhere. There is just no need for it.
  20. Kanil

    Well, yes... that's the point. They have so little respect for my vehicle that they don't mind shooting it.

    It's not my problem they don't appreciate the Flash, my problem is the ~5% damage I just took from them.