FPS issues still 0-0 ugh

Discussion in 'Player Support' started by notw2, Apr 3, 2013.

  1. notw2

    Yeah well at one point it was fine ya know i was not going any lower then 30 fps in battles unless it was at a bio or tech lab......but now its dropping to 15 fps or lower again...sigh it is getting highly annoying indeed....I know time will tell but god dam how much time does it take
  2. ALeviathan

    I'm having a guess, AMD CPU and GPU?
  3. ThaPhreak

    welcome to the ever declining FPS game, err i mean planetside2. I still want my preGU3 fps back, still can't get over 40 in aircraft and still get drops to about 8-12 flps in big battles, again down from numbers i had preGU3. overall since day one of playing, i estimate i've lost an average of 20-60fps in total, depending on area and situation.

    This game hates a lot of AMD/ATI setups and kinda growls at Intel/ATI setups but runs a little better than the latter. At least in the experiences i've encountered by talking to other players it's something like this, from worse to best -

  4. EscJimBo

    I have the same problem
    If I get near a large group or station my fps drops to 6 or 8 cant friggn move
    If I get away from the group or station my fps shoot up to 120 to 150 and stay

    This is After there patch , , , also get disconnected a lot, never did before

    (( No one here seems to address this problem ))

    CPU: i7 Intel
    Mother Board: ASUS
    Ram: 12 gig
    Nvidia GPU; 1) GeForce GTX 580 1) GeForce GTX 480 (PhysX)
    Windows7 64 bit
  5. DaNDeStRoYeR

    Yep same issue here and I'm on Intel and Nvidia, Ran fine on GU5 only started doing this since this new update!
  6. Nasher

    Most games hate AMD/ATI setups, even ones with their logo on them. Mainly because their drivers are terrible compared to nvidia's :/
  7. EscJimBo

    That's nice
    I don't have AMD or ATI
    I also have a few other members with the same issue
  8. OKBuick

    Try turning your settings down. I'm playing with a laptop with a over clocked a6 3400m with the 6720g2 vid and getting 50-60 fps. Never dips to single digits and always playable. You probably have way more computer than me. Keep experimenting with the settings.
  9. ThaPhreak

    see if this helps, it's now a video about what to use exactly, it's a video that kinda shows you how to edit things properlly and gives you a starting point, watch it a ferw times, god knows i did. it help me alot

    HairyButter's Guide to tweeking your Useroptions.ini
  10. XOLiD

    Gotta love fanbois.
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