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Discussion in 'Player Support' started by minibren, Jan 26, 2013.

  1. Donkeyball

    Intel systems do not benefit from low cas latency's and extremely high memory speeds, they're not starving for bandwidth.
    That said, I run 8GB at cas9 2000 MHz.
    AMD rigs do get benefits from it slightly, not a big deal though.

    Today I did not notice fps drops into the 30's, usually around 50-75, but the battles werent huge.
    I'm sure if I play again tonight, i'll get big drops again.

    This is a normal sized battle for me, wish I had that in big battles too:
    2013-01-26 17:48:30 - PlanetSide2
    Frames: 40693 - Time: 600000ms - Avg: 67.822 - Min: 7 - Max: 118
    (7 is probably from a loading screen)
  2. TomoB

    My FPS good at first (60+), then over time goes down to 20s and stays there even when I spawn at the warp gate where fps should be 60+. Switching to task manager and changing ps2 priority to High improves fps for a while but then it goes down again. Funny thing is that alt-tabing out and back in to the game also improves fps for a while.

    Just as I thoght that something was fixed couple of patches ago this doubleXP patch brought my fps down again. Thanks.

    Oh and my garbage PC includes Core2Quad Q9450@3,4GHz (425FSB), 6GB ddr2, GF560Ti 1GB, Win7 64bit.
  3. Rago

    You i7 is not in any way related to a Amd Processor , do some research before you call what i say "nonsense"
    Im in ps2 since pre Beta, saw a lot of Patches, and Yes ps2 seems to run better on a Intel rig.
    I7 is not even better than a i5 With it.Do you Homework or leave me alone ;)

    If you dont like what i say, just forget about it, its just from many Tests with friend and Expirience.

    And btw you can not unpark the cores of a Phenom 2 ;) [i tryed and it seems only be possible with newer Generations]
  4. Donkeyball

    I obviously know Intel i5/i7 are faster than Phenom2, but they're not so insanely faster that it should make the difference between 30 and 60 fps.
    Currently PS2 is just very unoptimized, and i'd wait until upcoming performance patches before you start spending hundreds of euro/dollars/pounds on an upgrade that might actually get solved soon.

    I refuse to believe that a Phenom2 at 3.6 GHz would be too slow for this game.
    It would be incredibly dumb to release a game that requires Intel CPU's to run at a minimum of 5 GHz.
    Because even my i7 "seems" to be to slow according to the game, which is nonsense obviously.

    I remember the GuildWars 2 beta, that ran like dog****, but they managed to fix that and that game runs quite nicely.
  5. bishopau

    @TomoB - If you haven't recently done so you might look at cleaning the dust out of your machine. You might be getting a build up of heat and the machine is slowing itself down???
  6. Dragam

    Sounds more likely that his ram are getting filled up.
  7. SpacedSkunk

    I have an FPS issue and it's again as already stated in crowded areas. I expect FPS to be lower in these situations but the fact is they are so low it's unplayable, however I do respect the vast size of the game.

    My specs are;
    AMD Phenom II x3 @ 3.78ghz (overclocked from dual core to 3)
    8GB Samsung Green ram (very cheap crazy overclockable it's currently @ 9-9-9-24 2100Mhz)
    XFX Radeon HD 6870 which came overclocked
    The game runs from a Crucial 120GB SSD
    Asus Essence ST soundcard

    This setup other than the CPU shouldn't have such an issue, I'm on a constant 10MB line from Virgin which pings brilliantly, never had an issue with lag tbh, it feels just like FPS.

    The thing is I feel it isn't optimized as such because it has auto-set my settings to medium graphics but the FPS was TERRIBLE! Having changed to low it's much better but as soon as action starts it goes right down, and REALLY down if crowded.
  8. Dragam

    Well you sorta say it yourself... your cpu is the issue.

    And how do you obtain an additional core by overclocking?
  9. SpacedSkunk

    I meant unlocking, its both unlocked and overclocked. My motherboard (MSI 790FX-GD70) has an ability to unlock cores on the phenom IIs, it did work with 4 cores but one of them was really unstable so settled for 3.

    So it was originally dual core 3.1Ghz (550 black edition), now it's 3 cores @ 3.78GHz.
  10. tigerchips

    I agree. I tested unparking with this CPU myself, it does nothing and it says nothing in task manager.

    The reason i mentioned bus speed overclock is because the multiplyer overclock seem to do very little. So perhaps the guy above me was right in saying that you need a faster memory. I've not tried overlocking memory alone so can't really be sure.

    I believe double XP won't bring your framerate down but a lot of people playing at the same time will. Although more people tend to be playing when it's double XP.
  11. brucethemoose

    I got my phenom II x4 at 4ghz, 2 6850s... up until recently, its been fine on medium, but now my FPS drops way below 30 during big battles with like 60% GPU usage at 2560x1440. I have my NB overclocked too, and from experience, I can tell you memory overclocking doesn't help much.

    This is ridiculous... no, it's not a 3570k, but a Phenom II X4 at 4ghz isn't that far behind.
  12. brucethemoose

    Has anyone watched VRAM usage during gameplay?
  13. BenYeeHua

    Me, just 6xxM when in the big fight, with texturequality=0