FPS is different on all continents.

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  1. Camycamera

    i haven't played on Esamir for quite some time thanks to the whole "Indarside" thing going on, but when my outfit were fighting one of the rare fights there, i noticed something; THE FPS WAS AMAZING. i was getting 60 FPS almost everywhere, 35 at the least. so i had tested at the esamir TR warpgate the FPS: there were some people around, and i was getting a solid 60 fps. i noticed NO frame drop from the GPU physics i had enabled on esamir, as before the patch (the last time i played) when i had looked at the grav lifts with the gpu physics, it brought down my FPS (this was on another continent), but on esamir... nope. we had a brief fight with the NC until we swapped continents, but i was so god damn amazed. it was the best FPS i have had in a long time, i never got 60 FPS while in a fight.

    at first i thought that the devs had worked some great optimisation with the new update, but then when i spawned into the amerish warpgate, i was suddenly let down. because i had the GPU physics on, my FPS was 30 compared to esamirs 60. looking at the grav lift on Amerish brought my frames down even more, but i got the standard fps for me (30-45) in fights (but i got above standard fps on esamir). i didn't go on indar and test the frames, but i think i get the same FPS on indar as well (same fps as Amerish.

    my settings:

    everything high + GPU physics

    and my specs are in my sig


    i get much better FPS on Esamir compared to Amerish (and maybe Indar as well, haven't tested)

    so devs, wtf is going on?
  2. Radioactive Pirate

    This may be due to Esamir's lack of flora, and that the entire continent is basically the same texture.
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  3. Oreo202

    Population also makes a difference.
  4. Ravenorth

    You should try disabling your flora and see if it increases your fps on Indar and Ameris, It did for me and there was no going back after that. I´d rather play with better fps than watch some grass under my feets.
  5. DoctorWhose

    Each of the continents have different optimisation levels. Amerish was the latest continent to be developed, so its not as optimized as Indar and Esamir. Add to that that Esamir is basically just a white square with some crystal outcroppings and thats why you get so much more FPS out of it.
  6. NightmareP69

    Esamir has a more simple design + it always has a lower population than Indar.
    my FPS almost never drops below 30 on Esamir which is fantastic, however the continent is a bit a pain in the *** for infantry combat so i don't like playing on it all that much, even thought i love snow maps and i'm getting better FPS there.
    FPS on Esamir : 30-100
    FPS on Indar 15-60 ( only drops to 15 FPS in the Zurvan AMP station)
  7. RichardDunn

    I notice that I get the best FPS on Esamir>Indar>Amerish. I rarely drop below 40 FPS in the largest battles on Indar, but I hit around 30 FPS in a techplant battle on Amerish last night. The FPS issue seems to have been addressed on Indar and Esamir, but Amerish is still messed up. I even get bad frames at the Warpgate there. I used to get amazing frames on that continent, I'm not sure what they did. No wonder no one likes fighting on Amerish.
  8. Dcrd

    Weird, I had a nice fight at Amerish just yesterday, and fps was quite good, 50+ in a good fights. However it seems to be lower at Esamir and even lower at Indar, which is a pity since I just love Indar's looks and feel.