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Discussion in 'Player Support' started by reydelchicken, Jan 29, 2014.

  1. reydelchicken

    I'm aware that there have been multiple threads about this subject.
    But I have some interesting finds here.

    Whenever I play on my LCD @ 1280x1024, with all graphics settings at minimum, except for effects which is set at high, render quality at 100% and draw distance at 1500, I get random FPS drops, this happens on open fields, in big battles, at the warpgate, etc.
    If I turn on smoothing and/or vsync nothing gets fixed.

    Interestingly enough, if I play on my CRT @ 640 x 480, with the same graphics settings as above, I still get this issue, unless I turn on vsync or smoothing.
    Turning both of them on will make this issue come back...

    My specs are:
    GPU: radeon 7870
    CPU: fx-8350 @ 4ghz
    RAM: 8gb @ 1600mhz

    Not sure if this is significant at all:
    LCD: asus vg248qe - I run it at 120hz + lighboost @ 1280x1024
    CRT: I run it at 250hz @ 640 x 480, brand name not mentioned, as it is not a stock CRT.

    I've measured my computer's temperatures, and they tend to be around 40 to 55 C for both my CPU and GPU while I play, so overheating is not an issue.
    I also have any sort of cpu/gpu throttling turned off, no external applications that could interfere with the game in the form of overlays, mouse drivers, etc.

    If anyone has had this problem, or any ideas on how I could solve this, I would appreciate if you left a post below.
  2. TheAppl3

    You can't maintain 120 or 250fps in this game at all times. Vsync drops you down by half each time you can't meet its desired value, hence the significant plummets.
  3. reydelchicken

    Whoops... My bad, forgot to mention the actual issue.

    It's not that I can't maintain my refresh rate in fps, it's that the game drops to 10-20fps for a few seconds at random intervals, not sure what is causing this, but it's very annoying.
  4. ToastyMan

    I get this too, especially when scoping in with a sniper. My game suddenly drops to 10 or lower fps for a second or two. Only been getting this for about 2 weeks, so its relatively new.
  5. reydelchicken


    Any information on how I could fix this?
    I'm tired of having to deal with random fps drops, and each time I go into a fight having to guess whether fps will drop or not.
  6. reydelchicken

    Second bump.

    Nice to see that nobody has any idea why this happens?

    Does nobody know how to fix this, or at least decrease the rate at which this happens?
    This issue really ruins the game for me, makes me unable to do anything while fps drops, and I just get killed all the time...
  7. reydelchicken

    Why does everyone ignore this?

    Does anyone else have this issue or a fix for it?
    It completely ruins the game, just makes it unplayable.
    And since the last hotfix it's just worse, there is more time with bad fps than with normal fps.

    Please if you know a solution/have this problem, don't ignore the thread and post....
  8. starlinvf

    Its not that we don't care..... we're just distracted by the fact that usually we can't keep it above 30-40 when we need it.
  9. reydelchicken

    Here is a video with the issue.

    Sorry for the low quality but I didn't want to wait 5 hours for the upload.

    Does anyone get anything similar to this?
    And is there any way you know on how to fix it?
  10. asdasdasd123

    i have the same problem with my:
    CPU amd FX-6100 @ 3.6Ghz
    GPU Radeon HD 4870
    RAM: 4gb

    graphics quality - medium
    other settings LOW or OFF

    playing in 48+-48+ / 40-45FPS and its lagy like in reydelchicken video :)
  11. Phyr

    Have you tried it with/without Vsync and smoothing, and combinations of the two? I believe the default smoothing is set to 60 fps, so you might want to adjust it.
  12. Nemetis

  13. Nemetis

    Same problem here.. frame drops to zero some times.. the game just freeze for 1sec and come back.. sometimes this is the difference of killing or be killed!

    Core i7 2600k
    GTX 560ti 2gb
    8GB DDR3 ram

    Quality: High, but shadows on medium and ambient oclusion and motion blur off.
    Never have frame drops before, by the way.. have this issue since the secound "graphic optimization patch
  14. asdasdasd123

    yes i tride vsync smoothing on/off... not helping