FPS dropping below 15 FPS randomly

Discussion in 'Player Support' started by MykeMichail, Nov 4, 2013.

  1. MykeMichail

    So randomly at any particular point, seemingly unrelated to anything that's happening, I will drop to under 15 FPS from whatever I'm currently running at (between 50 and 150 FPS). It can be at warpgate with nothing going on or in the middle of a big fight. Whats going on seems to make no difference on how often this occurs.

    I have checked temps to make sure my processor is not throttling and I'm sitting at a stable 45 degrees.

    I can fix it simply by alt-tabbing in and out of the game, or going into windowed mode. This fixes it instantly and the game returns to normal FPS after that.

    I'm running the latest nVidia driver on a GTX780 3GB OC with a 4770K at 4.0 GHz.

    Any ideas on what might be causing this would be great as its quite annoying.
  2. Commandertango

    Dude! That is exactly my problem! One thing you could try is Razor Game Booster. It's highly recommended for planetside 2.