FPS Drop - New Patch

Discussion in 'Player Support' started by B1GSW1ZZ, Dec 19, 2014.

  1. B1GSW1ZZ

    Is anybody else having an FPS drop with this recent patch? In medium to heavy fights I'm noticing a solid 10 FPS drop. Didn't have the chance to play yesterday when the patch came out, but it didn't take more then a couple minutes of play time this evening to notice / see the difference.

    Dropping the graphics settings also did nothing, same issue.....
  2. Bruhja

    I m having the same issue, as well as it seems hit detection has gone into the toilet. seems like only 1/3 of my hits actually count.

    time to re-optimize me thinks
  3. PurpleOtter

    Yeppers! FPS is in the toilet after the latest update...no Planetside for me untill they fix it....unplayable in the current state.
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  4. entrailsgalore

    Same. My average FPS got cut in half.